Boots Vitamin E Night Cream Review

I have often complained about my combination oily skin. You’d expect that with it being summer it would resemble a chip pan at the moment but no, my batty body has surprised me again.Here is my review of Boots Vitamin E Night Cream ! 

I don’t know if it’s hormones or the increase in time spent in air conditioned offices but I have dry scaly patches popping up all over the place. Of course my nose is still like an oil slick. Super.

Boots Vitamin E Night Cream

In addition to sunscreen containing moisturisers in the morning I have added a night cream to my routine (avoiding my nose) in order to combat the dryness. So far I haven’t morphed into a reptile from V (I’m a geek and proud) so it does seem to be working! For £2.99 Boots own brand offering was a cheaper alternative to the Body Shop Vitamin E cream that I loved so much. You get 50ml of product which claims to provide “rich and nourishing daily moisturisation with anti oxidant protection”. 

It’s a thick white cream with a distinct clean smell. It smells a bit like sunscreen actually (though it has no SPF what with it being a night cream). I slather it on generously and then feel like a greasy sticky mess of the next minute or so. It really is quite rich, at first I worried it was too much for my skin, but after around a minute *slurp*. It disappears into my skin leaving it softer, less scaly and non greasy. 

This product does provide instant moisture but it doesn’t last throughout the whole next day. If I don’t moisturise in the morning by the following evening all it’s hard work has been undone and I’m back to looking reptilian. For super dry skin I would recommend buying something a bit heavier and more long lasting. However for normal/ combination skin I think this is definitely a bargain beauty. I like it and if they hadn’t been out of it when I was shopping last week I would have bought it again xxx

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