Boots Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream review

Hi Girls , here is my review of Boots Smooth Care hair removal cream :
Boots Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream reviewI don’t think I’ve fully evolved from the apes, I seem to grow hair quicker than anyone I know, which can be a massive hassle as shaving is such a tedious task. That’s why I look towards hair removal cream, especially on the more sensitive areas such as the bikini. In desperate need of some hair removal magic, I popped into Boots and picked up their own range, they also have this cream in a sensitive skin edition.
I’ve unfortunately left it in the shower, but the box also comes with an applicator which you also use to remove the product.
Pros of Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream: The product only takes around six minutes to remove hair and leave skin silky smooth, which is different to other creams which annoyingly take up to 10 minutes. The cream doesn’t smell of that repulsive scent often associated with hair removal creams, so it was pleasant to apply and then stand around waiting for the magic to happen.
Cons of Smooth Care Hair Removal Cream: It seems as though you have to use a lot of product to fully coat the whole area, which means you won’t get too many uses out of the tube. I only used the cream on my bikini area, and probably have around 1/3rds left, which is a shame. It was a thick consistency, so you keep having to go back for more as it’s not the easiest to spread.
Would I buy again Boots Smooth Care hair removal cream?: I think I would you know! It didn’t take too long to work and was easy to remove and left a good result! At only £3.99, it doesn’t particularly break the bank either.

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