Boots Every Woman Should Have

Contrary to popular belief, boots aren’t just supposed to be worn during fall and winter. In fact, they’re so versatile you can wear them all year round as long as you have the right outfit and they’re not that difficult to match with looks either. I love boots and I wear them with every chance I get and I know there are lots of you out there who are the same. If you’re a lover of boots, I’m sure you’d love to see and complete this list of boots every woman should have. Once you have all these, you’ll never have to worry about not having the perfect shoes to go with your outfit no more.

  • Ankle shooties – they’re half boots and half shoes and they’re the perfect kind of boots to add to your work wardrobe. Ankle shooties are perfect for when you want your feet to get a little bit more coverage but don’t want the coverage to go all the way like boots do. They look like shoes so they go well with a multitude of outfits, including those that regular boots don’t usually go along with.

lace up ankle shooties red ankle shooties teal and gold shooties

  • Ankle boots – ankle boots are pretty basic but they’re really useful, too. These are the kind of boots that you can wear to subtly dress down a really sweet and girly outfit and give it more of either a boho or a street style kind of vibe.

red ankle boots

ankle boots and summer shorts brown ankle boots buckled ankle boots

  • Pointed-toe black boots – these are like the basic black pumps in the world of boots: everyone just has to have them. Black boots with pointed toes look good with anything, from miniskirts to shorts to dresses and denims. The fare well in warm weather but they work well during the colder months as well. Aside from that, they also help make you look taller, especially when worn with black pants.

fab pointy black boots pointy toe black boots chic black boots

  • Moto boots – on days when you just don’t feel like going all out on sporting a girly look, a goof pair of moto boots is sure to town down the sweetness and up your menswear game. These are great for dressing down any outfit that you think is too ritzy to be worn as an everyday look, too. In the fall and winter, these make a great addition to softer looks that can use up some edge. These are awesome boots for weekend looks as well.

cute moto boots moto boots all black outfit moto boots with buckles

  • Chunky heeled boots – they may not be as sexy as boots with heels thin as air but they’re just as chic and stylish plus they offer greater support, too. These boots are perfect for rainy days when the streets are wet and you wouldn’t want to end up a hot mess in the middle of the streets whilst on your way to work.

gorgeous chunky heeled boots gorgeous chunky heeled boots high heel chunky boots

  • High cut boots – high cut boots are definitely fall and winter boots. These are great for keeping your feet and legs warm and for also jazzing up a chic outfit. High cut boots usually go very well with skinny jeans and leggings as well as dresses but some women are just so fabulously lucky to pull off a high cut boot and anything kind of outfit.

brown leather knee high boots fierce thigh high boots knee high boots thigh high boots

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