Boho Meets Urban Style with Yulia Sidorenko

Wearing a distinct fashion style is one of the creative means to show your individuality. However, there are some cases that one style is not enough so we often come up to mixing different styles from different roots. A Russian stylist and fashion blogger, Yulia Sidorenko is known for her boho meets urban style perfect for women living in the big city that loving the wild and carefree vibe of the Bohemian fashion. If you got that edgy and carefree personality, keep on reading to scoop some styling tricks from our featured fashion blogger.

Start with your fabric choices and color palette.

all black outfit with fringed bag and leather jacket

pom pom off shoulder dress with fringed bag bohemian jacket with urban shoes black and white outfit with skinny scarf

Traditionally, the urban fashion is known for dark and neutral shades of black and navy while the color palette of the bohemian fashion revolves around the earthy shades of rust, red-orange, brown, and mustard. Like Yulia, you may think of mixing your color palette to create a distinctive mix of two fashion styles. Wearing navy jeans with an earth-tone jacket or going for a monochromatic black outfit will be great. Remember, urban look is known for leather motorcycle jackets, skinny trousers, and edgy boots while a bohemian look is known for button-front skirts, suede jackets, and fringed skirts that you may consider wearing.

Incorporate bohemian prints with your urban outfits.

floral kimono with black outfit tribal print kimono with slip on sandals snake print maxi dress with hat retro floral kimono with red dress

Urban outfits are generally plain and dark, without any embellishments, prints, and patterns, so one way of adding some interest to your style is to mix your bohemian pattern with them. This way, you’ll refresh your otherwise boring and plain urban outfits like a crop top worn with denim shorts by topping it with a floral-print kimono like Yulia did. A plain burgundy dress scream urban while a printed kimono screams bohemian. Like Yulia, mix your styles by wearing the two distinctive pieces and dress it up with coordinating accessories. A pair of gladiators will make your outfit look more carefree while a pair of boots adds some tough-girl vibe to it.

Wear the distinctive details of bohemian fashion.

cold shoulder romper lace up jumpsuit with sneakers and fur coat lace up blouse with jeans and kimono fringed jacket with urban outfit fringed jacket with urban outfit and leather tote fringed cardigan with urban outfit

Since urban fashion is known for simple and plain structures without any fuss, add some interest to it by incorporating fringes, lace-ups, tassels and such which are the trademarks of the bohemian fashion. Like Yulia, think of making your bohemian burgundy jumpsuit look a bit urban by wearing it with a pair of sneakers over suede boots or gladiators. Sneakers are the preferred shoes of the urban women, especially New Yorkers, so going for a pair will instantly refresh your style. Looking for a powerful statement? Like Yulia, opt for a fringed jacket in leather fabric to create a mixed style in a fashion-forward way.

Dress up and dress down your looks with bohemian or urban accessories.

peep toe boots with striped dress leather cape with fringed bag lace up sandals with boho outfit hat with wide leg pants and off shoulder top fringed bag with suede skirt and gladiators

While urban outfits are known for cut-out boots, combat boots, and peep-toe boots, bohemian looks are known for cowboy hat, gladiator sandals, and fringed bag that can be a great statement to look bold on your street style. Like Yulia, all you need is the creativity to mix and match your pieces rooted from different fashion style to come up with a fresh look that can make you stand out from the crowd.

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