Blush Pink: How To Wear The Season’s Color Trend

Blush isn’t for your cheeks only, anymore!

how to wear blush pink

Blush pink is becoming a trendy color this warmer seasons of spring and summer. Pink itself is a great color to wear for these seasons. But the light shade of this color represents playfulness and brightness that we all associate with spring and summer. And, for those who want to look mature while wearing pink, blush pink is a kind of mute color that you can wear as an adult.

And here, we will show you how you can incorporate blush pink into your spring and summer wardrobe. Check out our fabulous tips below!

1. Blush pink is a neutral color and we all know that neutral colors–like black, white and nude pink–are great colors to conjure monochromatic outfits. Remember that, while you will have the same color for all the articles of clothing included in your ensemble, a visible difference of texture is needed so your outfit won’t be too one-dimensional.

monochrome blush pink outfitblush pink shift dress

2. As mentioned above, blush pink is a playful and elegant color. It could bring out the elegance to a look especially when you wear something spring- or summer-appropriate like lace or any lightweight fabric.

blush pink lace dress

3. On the other hand, because of how muted this particular shade of pink is, blush pink can also be worn in a more relaxed slouchy chic look. To achieve this, you want to pick a looser kind of clothing. Oversized top/bottoms, culottes, or hanging tops can do this. But you want to pair them with neutral colors and even darker shades if you don’t want something too feminine and you’re going for a sort of androgynous feel with blush pink.

blush pink loose topblush pink turtleneck top

4. Another way for you to wear blush pink in a less feminine way, like tomboy chic or androgynous, is to choose a darker shade of blush pink. There are shades of blush pink that are dark enough to be nearly nude brown but there are still blush pink hues enough to be identified as so.  This shade is great not only for less feminine looks but also for formal events that require strict dress codes.

blush pink suede skirt

5. Almost all kinds of color can be used for pleated skirts but for the warmer seasons of spring and summer, pastel and light shades are better recommended. Thus a blush pink pleated skirt can be great for any kinds of outfit for these seasons. Ranging from casual day-outs where you can pair a blush pink pleated skirt with a simple tank top to formal ones like Sunday brunches or company lunch parties where you can pair your blush pink pleated skirt with something more dressy, like a fitted long-sleeved top.

blush pink maxi skirtblush pink pleated skirt

6. Despite its light and slightly muted shade, blush pink is a very eye-catching color, especially when worn with either neutral colors or colors darker than blush pink. In fact, even if you just incorporate blush pink into your getup through accessories–like bag, shoes, or belt–or through outerwear like cardigans or blazers, you would still be able to make blush pink stand out among your outfit.    blush pink jacket blush pink fur bag blush pink coat

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