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Bloom Organics Rosehip Oil Review

Bloom Organics Rosehip Oil Review

Some time ago I discovered that putting oil on my face wasn’t quite as scary as I’d first thought. I didn’t break out, my face didn’t turn into an oil slick, there was no laughing or pointing. Actually, my skin loved it!

The product which brought me into the wonderful world of facial oils was Bloom Organics Rosehip Oil. In 2010 Bloom launched their Organics range and I was lucky enough to go along and meet the lady herself, Natalie Bloom! The Rosehip Oil was in the goodie bag we all recieved at the event.


17 products of the 20 product line proudly wear the Australian Certified Organic seal of approval, meaning that a minimum of 95% of their ingredients are organic. The remaining 5% are made from either plant products or non-toxic preservatives and additives. So you can feel confident that what you’re putting onto your skin is good for you! The Rosehip Oil proudly wears it’s ‘certified’ badge.

The oil itself feels luxurious and sinks easily into the skin, it has a beautiful tea-like scent which I find very soothing. My skin did look shiny when it was first applied, so I stuck to using it at night. Just a few drops were enough for the whole face and I rubbed it between my finger tips before application to warm the oil and help it to spread.

According to Wikipedia – Rose hip seed oil is a pressed seed oil, extracted from the seeds of a rose bush (Rosa moschata or Rosa rubiginosa) which grows wild in the southern Andes. It is unique among vegetable oils in containing retinol (Vitamin A), and is also high in vitamin C…It is used for a variety of skin conditions, including dermatitis, acne and eczema, for mature and sun burnt skin as well as brittle nails and wrinkles. Rose hip oil is also frequently used to heal scarring and diminish photo-aging.

Over the warmer months I stopped using the Rosehip oil as I found it a little heavy, however as the weather begins to get cooler I’ll be reaching for it again. I was using the oil 2-3 times per week in place of my normal night cream. I know some people use it under their night cream, almost like a serum, but I found the oil on it’s own was more than enough for my skin. I would definitely recommend the Rosehip Oil for drier or mature skin types.