blogs i love #1: rock my wedding

blogs i love #1 rock my wedding
I grew up incredibly cynical of love. Given that this is referring to when when I was a small child, I’m aware that it sounds possibly ludicrous to say so – but it’s true. I silently scoffed at princes and princesses achieving their ‘happily ever after’ and firmly believed that beyond the closed cover of a book, the story wasn’t quite over, and that the continuation was bond to be negative. Here is my review of blogs i love #1: rock my wedding !
Maybe that’s why they end it there, I often thought. When your parents split up and your father hot foots it out of your life when you’re barely able to talk, and you never really get to witness loving, life-affirming relationships in existence, it’s difficult to get on board with what feels like fairy tale living. In turn, it meant I was never one for day dreaming of wedding dresses and my version of a Prince Charming. What was the point in it, when it was spoilt afterwards? When my friends were playing ‘weddings’ in the playground I wanted to be no part of it, and held this view for many years.
That is, until I grew older and found my eyes opening to the strong, ‘make it through everything’ relationship that my mother possesses with the man who I now see as my father. Even when they’re exchanging heated words, or are shunning each other for hours at a time, I fully believe that they will revert back to their usual practices, their love for each other far too permanent to have a best before date. This, coupled with meeting my partner meant that I slowly transformed my views of love, marriage and the dreaded w-day. I realised that my negative experiences don’t dictate the rest of the world, and that many people live happily after ever, the cliché being a point of truth for some. In the past few years I’ve met many members of Luke’s family who have been married for what feels like an eternity already, and have attended numerous beautiful weddings with him too. I’m already looking forward to Luke’s cousin’s wedding next May.
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As such, my change in views means that when I discovered this certain blog one day. Rock My Wedding is the polka dotted dream project as created by Charlotte O’Shea – who transformed her wedding passion in to a platform for sharing other people’s dream days and the days preceding. Beyond initially falling in love with the concept of the blog, I’ve found myself a regular reader since the early days thanks to its ability to keep on delivering. Charlotte’s voice, alongside the voice of ‘real life’ brides-to-be and sometimes the odd husband or two, allows others a glimpse in to how other couple’s celebrate their special day whilst providing them with a wealth of ideas and inspiration to build from. I’m not married, nor am I engaged or close to that point, but I am absolutely obsessed with the need to read every word, every nugget of advice. There is no doubt a small part of my brain storing inspiration subconsciously, ready for when I can get my ‘bride’ head on and plan my own beautiful day in the future, whenever that may be. I am in no doubt that my wedding will consist of huge circular balloons, cameos, ‘effortlessly pretty’ country flowers in jars, and a gluten free dessert pie buffet. In all honesty, I am guilty of linking Luke to pictures aplenty, suggesting he bears such ideas in mind..
But it’s not just the honest, heartfelt words that capture my attention. It’s the entrancing pictures, which go beyond the stylistic posed family shots many people dread. Each image delivers a story in itself, whilst serving as a chapter forming the full tale of a wedding day. Each set of pictures on a post allows us to follow the anticipation which transforms in to jubilation, celebration and exhilaration. I relish peaking at images of buffets, dress details, dancing, and of new couples getting to grips with their new relationship statuses. These pictures below symbolises everything I love about Rock My Wedding – sheer beauty and creativity.
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Rock My Wedding has also taught me that the wedding day isn’t just a party, or a statement. It’s merely the introductory paragraph to the real life fairytale. Traditional fairytales often end with the princesses being whisked away in their marital horse and carriage. Here, we see real men and women beginning their lives together, and suggesting that the best is probably yet to come. We follow the planning and decision making, right up until the day itself, fully aware that the story isn’t over at all. I absolutely implore you, cynical or not, to have a read for yourself. Enjoy the prose, watch a video (my favourite one thus far!), peruse the pictures, and add this beautiful blog to your reading list. There is nothing better when it comes to fresh ideas and consistency.
Have you a favourite blog? Do you, like me, enjoy reading blogs that might not necessarily relate to yourself? Alternatively, let me know if you’re a fellow RMW fan! Thank you for reading, as ever.

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