Blair Eadie: How to Style Your Shift Dress Perfectly

Typically shapeless and loose-fitting, shift dress is quite tricky to wear as you may lose your sexy curves and look heavier than you are. But, when styled properly, it could be your lifesaver for those times you feel you have nothing to wear, or gained some few pounds. If you’re looking for inspiration on how to style your shift dress perfectly, let’s have a clue on Atlantic Pacific fashion blogger, Blair Eadie on how she wears shift dresses that enhance her best assets in a great way.

floral shift dress with cute shoes

lace shift dress with sandals

When picking for shift dresses, go for the ones that fit your shape perfectly considering the neckline, sleeves, or hemline length. If you’ve got that hourglass body, stay away from straight cuts and go for imperial waists that will underline your small waist and enhance your sensual shape in a non-vulgar way. Also, a low neckline will also be great, and shorter hemlines will be perfect for skimming over your hips and thighs without making them look bigger. If you’re pear-shaped, look for a shift dress with padded or structured shoulders and lots of detailing on the top adding bulk to make your figure look more proportioned. Also, go for a length that is on or just above your knees, starting from the point where your legs start becoming thinner.

sequin shift dress with shoes striped shoes with shift dress tropical print shift dress with pink shoes

When looking for stylish prints and patterns, as well as colors, keep in mind that they play an important role in accentuating or concealing your assets and flaws. For an apple-shaped woman, black and other dark colors are perfect. Bigger prints will create the illusion of looking wider that you are so better opt for smaller and subtle prints.

shift dress with belt striped top with shift dress

When styled properly, shift dresses look perfect for straight body shapes. Try to add more curves to your figure to make it look more feminine and sensual by going for details such as pleats, ruffles, and bold or colorful patterns. Just avoid going for stiff materials that will enhance your lack of curves. Since shift dresses are typically loose, they can be great worn as an outer layer for your sleeved tops like a fitted sweater or a button-down shirt. Like Blair Eadie, you may resort to a waist-cinching belt whenever you feel that layers are quite bulky and heavy.

beachy shift dress with hat color blocked dress lace paneled shift dress silk shift dress sweater dress with cute shoes

In the last few years, the designers have shown us so many new styles of shift dresses that could be perfect for many other occasions. If you got that inverted triangle shape, have the goal of making your hips look as wide as your shoulders achieving a great proportioned figure. You may go for color blocked dresses with bright color near your hips and lighter on the top. Also, curvy women can look great in shift dresses with side panels giving the illusion of a slimmer waist.

shift dress with trench coat shift dress with jacket shift dress with coat geometric print dress with jacket

If you’re not that confident wearing belts with shift dresses, throw a coat or jacket with your dress leaving it unbuttoned to create the illusion of the waist through its lapels. Like Blair Eadie, you’ll look more relax and comfortable wearing these dresses without thinking they swamping your figure or adding some bulk to your shape.


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