Blair Eadie: Flatter Your Curves with Ruffles

Ruffles are feminine, fashionable and add a glamour quotient to your look. So, when was the last time you considered adding a ruffle to your style? These flounces also focus attention away from your trouble spots and add a lot to your figure and shape. But if you’re picturing yourself in these ruffles like a little girl with a tiara on the head, let’s have a fashion inspiration on how to pull off the flounce looking like a lady.

Based in San Francisco, Blair Eadie is an expert on giving a spin on classic fashion pieces that convey individuality and style. Blair’s notable looks are seen in her blog, Atlantic Pacific, where she showcases pieces with structured flounce, exaggerated ruffles, and voluminous frills. Indeed, she is an ideal style influence for her elegance, style, and versatility in fashion. So, keep on reading to scoop some style ideas while dressing up in ruffles.

If you find yourself in trouble finding the right ruffles to flatter your look, always remember that ruffles have the ability to make you look fuller so their placement is something to take note of. Always keep ruffles near the areas of your body that you want to enhance and away to the areas that are fuller. Like with anything else, overindulgence can have the reverse effect. So, teaming ruffles with simple pieces will prevent the style from overwhelming your entire figure. Pick for a high-style signature ruffles which are dramatic and structured to make it the focal point of your outfit.

halter ruffle blouse

ruffle crop top

If you got some little bust and wish to make it look fuller, then add volume to a small bust with horizontal ruffles. Like Blair, she wore ruffles from shoulder to shoulder to draw attention to the chest and create the illusion of fullness. However, even a well-endowed bust is possible to sport ruffles but in vertical ruffles down the center to draw the eye up and down for a lengthening effect that makes your bust look proportionate.

ruffle sleeves blouse ruffle sleeves ruffles white blouse

If you’re not sure on wearing ruffles along your front, then look for ruffles along the sleeves. Blouses whose sleeves are ruffled have a same advantage as shoulder pads to make your shoulder look broader. Also, ruffle details on the shoulders balance out a skirt and provide structure to keep free-flowing ruffles in line. These details are feminine that give a twist to your style without looking too fashion forward.

pink blouse ruffled blouse hemwhite blouse

On the other hand, if you wish to make your bottom look fuller, then wear ruffles on the bottom of your blouse to add some volume. Just be careful on its placement to avoid looking like you have a baby bump. Opt for peplum blouses that ruffles fall below your waist to highlight your sexy curves.

black gown ruffles ruffled hemline ruffled neck short dress V-neck ruffles

For some feminine punch, use ruffles to balance out your curves with dresses. Like Blair, she got some dresses with different placement of ruffles like in a ruffled black gown with flouncy ruffles on chest, a ruffled hemline, a ruffled neckline, off the shoulder ruffles and a V-neck ruffled dress. Feel free to play with these details to flatter and enhance your figure.

black mermaid skirt layered skirt ruffles peplum maxi skirt pink mermaid skirt

If you wish to add more volume to your buttocks, then play with ruffle details on skirts. If you have narrow hips, add volume to your hips with ruffled tiers, layered ruffles and peplum skirts to create the illusion of fuller hips. On the other hand, if you have broader hips, look for ruffles on the lower hem like a mermaid skirt to draw the eye toward the ruffle and away from your hips. But, if you feel anxious with both your thighs and calves, better skip ruffle details on the bottom as it will only make you more problematic of these features.

denim ruffled blouse

Also, you can manually create ruffles in your clothes by placing a belt in them. Some fabrics are stiff and some are loose. Just play with the look by assembling the ruffles on the right place you want them to appear.

Now that you are mindful of the tricks, it’s time to play with ruffles to flatter your curves. Whether you’re pear-shaped, apple-shaped, ruler-shaped, or an hourglass, ruffles are a great way to achieve your desired figure by some strategic styling tricks.


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