Blackmores Nails, Hair and Skin Vitamin Supplement Review

A pleasant day to all pretties! here is my Blackmores Nails, Hair and Skin Vitamin Supplement Review!

Skin, hair and nails are related in their anatomy and physiology. The outer layer of skin, the hair and nails are all keratinized structures. Basic requirements for the health of these structures include adequate intakes of nutrients such as protein, essential fatty acids, minerals and vitamins. Blackmores Nails Hair & Skin contains nutrients which have been found to contribute to the health of nails, hair and skin.

In the days leading up to the Australian Beauty Bloggers’ Weekend in September, my nail-biting self-loathing increased with each Instagram-ed picture of a perfect pre-ABBW manicure. In fact, I think someone had the initials ‘ABBW’ written on their fingernails. In 24-karat gold ink. With the steady hand of a master calligrapher. In the end, I went off the scale and posted a picture of my bare nails with the caption, “Here’s my ABBW manicure: it’s called ‘Biting your Gosh Darn Nails to Stubs’.”

For reasons that still remain unclear to me, that weekend was actually the last time I ‘officially’ bit my nails. There’s been some horrid moments in the last few weeks and I’ve bitten off a nail (or two or three), but I tend to think of this process as a lifelong journey for me. Some of my earliest memories are of my mum painting my nails with that vile-tasting liquid to discourage my nail-biting (I laugh in the face of your amateur tactics, mother.)


As a chronic nail-biter, as you can imagine my nails are in god-awful condition: ridge-y, paper thin and brittle. I now keep them quite short to avoid breakages and because if they grow past a certain length I’m so much more likely to bite them (does that happen to anyone else, or just me?). Around the time I decided to quit biting my nails (again), I had the opportunity to tryBlackmores Nails, Hair and Skin ($53.95 / 180 tablets), a daily
vitamin supplement containing a range of nutrients – such as silica, biotin, Vitamin C, Vitamin B5 and folic acid – designed to improve the health of my nails.

2-Blackmores-Nails-Hair-and-Skin-product-content 3-the-tablets-Blackmores-Nails-Hair-and-Skin

Since I genuinely figured I could use all the help I could get, I took up the challenge to trial the tablets for 12 weeks. There were totally days I missed out (including half a week when I moved house), but I’m still taking the tablets now (they’re fairly small and easy to swallow, by the by.) The only other vitamin I take is a women’s multivitamin, so I’m not well-informed enough to enter the debate about whether we should or shouldn’t be taking vitamin supplements. I’m not even sure I could say I see a quantifiable difference in my nail health after the 12 week trial, but rather than my quit attempt being a soul-crushing failure as usual, it has been a moderate success, and I wonder if that’s partly due to having more healthy nails (or at least my perception of ‘taking care’ of them)? Who can say? Why is the sky blue?

Bloom Cosmetics Millie nail polish ($19.95 AUD), described as a deep aubergine:



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