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Birchbox UK February Review

 Birchbox UK February Review

While many people are posting there ‘what i got in my March birchbox overviews’ I have finally got round to sampling all the products in my February one!

As i mentioned last month i’d rather do review than an overview on beauty boxes as personally i love to read about how people got on with actually using the products.

So here we go.

This is what the box looked like when i first pulled everything out.Birchbox UK review

The first thing that caught my eye was the Nick Chavez Plump ‘N Thick

I’d received a hair volumiser in last months box which was quite nice and this one followed suit. I think the best thing about this is that it doesn’t have a scent. I find a lot of hair products to be overly scented which gives me headache so it was nice change to have something scent free. And the product itself did the job, and didn’t weigh down my fine hair.

Next up was the Gerda Spillmann Bio fond Foundation

i was excited to see a foundation sample in the box as i am constantly searching for the perfect base. I was a little troubled when i noticed on the side of the box it was shade 4 , i’m casper the ghost pale so im usually looking for the lowest number possible on these things. I’d filled in a beauty profile when i’d signed up for Birchbox so i was horrified to open it and see a dark tan colour! I thought i might attempt to make use of it as a bronzer but when i swiped across the product it seemed to lighten significantly. I’d still say its a few shades dark for me but if i pick up a bit of colour in the summer it might work out for me then,

Eboost Daily health boost

I’m not so much a fan of vitamin drinks, in my opinion they’re pretty overpriced and don’t do that much. As these sorts of drinks go it tasted ok, but i didn’t suddenly have the urge to run a marathon or climb a mountain, so i wont be running out to buy more.

Korres Guava Shower Gel

I’ve tried a few Korres products before and found them a bit of a mixed bag. I do however like the shower Gels and this was no exception. To me it smells like holidays so after a quick test i’ve put it straight in my bag for my holiday later in the year. Its the perfect size for travel 🙂

Vichy Eau Thermale

Again i only gave this a quick spray to try it as its now also popped in my bag for my holiday. What i like about this is that it has a nice fine  mist spray that has a wide enough spray angle(?) to cover my big round in one go. It’ll be lovely for when i’m laying next to the pool.

As an added extra there was a set of eyelash curlers in this months box. As curlers go they were fine and i’ll probably use them but they are nothing special.

So all in all i found this to be a another decent box, i am a bit concerned about what this month might bring, as from overviews i’ve seen so far there seems to be 2 very different boxes doing the rounds. Hopefully mine will be waiting for me at work on monday so we shall see.