Biggest Bag Trends for Spring

Accessories are a must have for any outfit, any look. No outfit is complete until you have accessorized. One of the types of accessories that a lot of women obsess about are bags. Just like clothes, new trends for bags come out every season and if you’re like me who’s into them, you know you just gotta have one of the best bags of the season. Last spring, the bucket bag was everything. Now that the style reports are out, we have the biggest bag trends for spring just for you. Check them out below.

  • ROUNDS BAGS – this season, rounds bags are going to be everywhere because it is going to be one of the hottest trends. I think they’re going to look cute with your Coachella outfits. Round bags are great for adding lots of character and personality to any outfit. The best kinds to go for are either the handheld ones or the sling ones. If you’re not into statement purses, you can also opt for round clutches instead.

black round purse

round purse karen walker red round purse round woven purse

  • CROSS BODY BAGS – still hot this season are cross body bags and I think they are well on their way to becoming an official spring staple. Cross body bags are great because they free up your hands, making them really easy and convenient to carry. Just make sure not to carry one that’s too heavy, though, because the weight would only be laid on one shoulder which can cause pain and problems.

cross body bag in bright orange cross body bag cross body mini bag

  • CLUTCHES WITH HANDLES – I personally used to hate clutches, even the ones that go with my formal dresses, because they’re not exactly very easy and convenient to take everywhere. You have to be mindful of them all the time and they tend to slip really easily, too. This spring, though, clutches are getting a makeover and they’re getting handles so they’re going to be really easy to carry.

clutch with embellished handle clutch with love handle

  • TOTE BAGS – tote bags are making a comeback this spring and they’re going to be more fab than ever before. Shocking bright colors, metallic hues and graphic prints are going to make these classics a definite must have for any lady who loves good looking bags. Tote bags are perfect for ladies who are always on the go because they’re roomy enough to fit all of the day’s essentials and then some.

tote bag in hot pink tote bag perfect for spring tote in bright yellow

  • DUFFLE BAGS – duffle bags are not just for the gym anymore. This spring, duffle bags are going to get dressed up and they’re going to be one of the most coveted bags of the season.

duffle bag in leather duffle bag in white duffle mini bag

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