Betty Autier: Tassels and Fringes Inspired Style

The soul of the Bohemian revolution, tassels and fringes are the little details that keep the Boho-chic fashion carefree and inspired by a folk festival in a high couture. And if you’ve never thought that a Bohemian inspired style can also be creative and stylish, let’s have a style inspiration on how to wear fringes and tassels with style.

With her messy bangs and bohemian style, Betty Autier is the French style blogger known for her creative styling with high-end designer pieces, fringe and tassels to channel her boho-chic style. Created in 2007, Le Blog de Betty attracts around “50,000 unique visitors per day” as it is translated into four languages such as Italian, English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Let’s have a look at her creative photographs from her blog.

fringe boots

fringe sandals tassel belt tassel belt in shortall

If you’re new to Bohemian fashion and you want to take it slow, fashion accessories would be the simplest trick to start. Big scarves with fringes, tassels as belts, and footwear with fringe details will help you be in line with the tassel and fringe style without compromising your signature style. Like Betty, you may tie a tassel as your belt in an outfit like denim shortalls or an oversized cardigan to keep it tamed.

fringe blue bag red fringe bag fringe red outfit

You can add a bit of attitude and style by getting a bag with tassel or fringe details. If you’re still hesitant, a keychain accessory with tassel or fringes can be used to decorate your handbag would be great as you may take it off anytime you want. As long as it is properly accessorized, tassel and fringe details can make your common outfit become glamorous.

fringe shoulder top white top

Once you feel complete with tassels and fringes on your handbag, you may level up your style by wearing tops with such details. You can wear either a crochet crop top if you’re confident about baring your midriffs or a basic tee paired with shorts or animal print trousers. One great thing, fringed crop tops look good with most bottoms since fringes partially covering up your waist so you don’t have to feel half naked in sporting a crop top. Finish your style with a hat, ankle boots, or even espadrilles wedge.

fringe vest leather graphic tee leather jacket brown leather jacket snimal print dress leather jacket

If you feel ready for the next step, have that bohemian feeling with vests and jackets with fringes. You may go for a leather, suede, and even cotton outerwear then pair it with a basic shirt, graphic tee, animal print dress, and a maxi dress. Just polish your looks with a hat, sunglasses, and boots.

leather shorts leather shorts in gray top leather fringe skirt fringe skirt fringe skirt black fringe gray oversized top

Since you’re almost an expert in wearing fringes now, feel free to sport fringe skirts and shorts for a completely spectacular style. Fringed skirts and shorts are cool during music festivals that will add movement to your outfit. Pair your fringe shorts and skirts with any top such as a basic shirt, leather jacket, cardigan, oversized sweater and such.

Channel your bohemian style with the help of tassels and fringes that add some fun and statement to your style. It’s time to take some part in the Bohemian revolution and be a boho-chic on streets.




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