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Best Lipstick for Fair Skin

When it comes to choosing lipstick shades and colors, women with fair skin are very lucky because they can get away with pretty much any color on their lips and look great in it. A lot of women think that choosing the perfect lipstick color has to be a long and tedious process with so much thought put into it but the truth is that it’s actually pretty simple. When I choose a lipstick for myself, I don’t often follow the rules regarding skin tone or lip shape or whatnot. Instead, I try it on and see how I like it. I find that not all the shades that the rules say will work for me works so I wing it instead and I encourage a lot of other people to do the same every once in a while. Anyway, back to women with fair skin, if you’re a bit on the pale side and you’re looking for lipsticks that would look good on you, check out this list of the best lipsticks for fair skin.

  • Hot Pink – hot pink is such a pretty lip color and if you have fair skin, a bright and vibrant one would look really great on you. If you’re torn between a hundred different shades of hot pink at the makeup counter, you might want to start off with a color similar to what Barbie wears. It’s a sweet and sexy color that’s guaranteed to look fab on women with fair skin.

kelly osbourne pink lips

hot pink candy lips

  • Red – we all know red is a universally flattering color but I just think this fiery color looks best on women with fair skin. The contrast between fair skin and a true, bright red lipstick is just super gorgeous. Red is also a lipstick color that you can pull off at any age so if you’re looking for something versatile that you can wear for quite a while, go for a red lipstick.

bright red lipstic sexy red lips

  • Orange – orange is one of spring and summer’s hottest lip color and it’s a color that looks really amazing on women with fair skin. I think women with medium and darker skin colors are better off with coral-y orange colors while women with fair skin look great in bright, vibrant, in-your-face kind of orange lipstick. If you’re bold enough, you might even want to try out neon orange for a nice statement lip color.

orange lipstick and cat eye bright orange lipstick

  • Wine – another gorgeous lip color that women with fair skin can rock is wine. If you have fair skin and you’re looking for a fall / winter lip color, try wine colored lipsticks. If you don’t know what wine lip colors look like, they look like a mixture of deep red and violet shades, pretty much like that of red wine. It’s a great lip color to go for if you’re looking for something sexy and vampy.

vampy lip color deep wine lipstick

  • Nude – nude lips are super sexy, especially when worn glossy (case in point: Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, ‘nuff said.) If you have fair skin, you’ll want to go with nude lip colors with a tinge of color like apricot or baby pink. Try to stay away from nude lip colors that are ‘too beige’ since these tend to wash you out.

nude lipstick fair skin nude lips