Best Face Brushes – MAC, Sigma, Royal & Langnickel and more

I think that everybody has a vice – this one item that they own enough (too many) of and yet they still hunt for more wishing to find something even better. 
For me this vice are brushes. I have a ton of them, but I still get excited when I see new brushes and get an anxiety attack fearing that I may be missing out if I don’t have them all. 
The bad news is that I obviously have a problem and should be seeking professional help. The good news is that I have tried an awful lot of brushes and can now share my wisdom with all of you.



The Big Paddle Brush: MAC 134

Out of all my brushes (all 593 of them..kidding) this is my absolute favourite. I love this brush for its quality and versatility. This is a very big, very soft, yet quite dense real hair face brush. I use this for loose powder, pressed powder, bronzing and blush. It’s my favourite brush for powder and bronzing. RRP $105, however I bought this for about $65 online.

The-Big-Paddle-Brush-MAC-134 MAC-134-The-Big-Paddle-Brush




The Synthetic Kabuki: Sigma F82

I have given Sigma a hard time in a recent review because I have had some pretty poor experiences with their brushes. However this brush I adore. Let’s hope it lasts. This is an extremely dense, yet soft, synthetic brush. I use this almost every day to apply my foundation. RRP $16






The Concealer Brush: Sephora Pro Concealer Airbrush

This brush looks different to your standard concealer brush but let me tell you, it is oh so good. I had to get someone to buy this for me in the US as I could not find this anywhere online (let alone in Australia). This brush is actually quite comparable to the above synthetic kabuki, just a lot smaller and absolutely perfect for under eye concealing. RRP $24






The Blush Brush: MAC 168

A dense and soft blush brush that does what it’s meant to do. I use this for blush (who would have known) and also contouring. I have also tried the Sigma version of this but there is comparison. RRP $65

The-Blush-Brush-MAC-168 MAC-168-The-Blush-Brush MAC-168-blush-brush



The Big Fluffy Blending Brush: Coastal Scents Pink Blending Brush

This brush is extremely fluffy and for my taste a bit too big for my eyes. But I do love this for applying highlighter on my cheeks. RRP $1 (!)

The-Big-Fluffy-Blending-Brush-Coastal-Scents-Pink-Blending-Brush Coastal-Scents-Pink-Blending-Brush-The-Big-Fluffy-Blending-Brush Coastal-Scents-Pink-Blending-Brush




The Big Fluffy Face Brush: nude by nature Application Brush

This brush is extremely soft and I mainly use this for applying loose mineral powder such as the Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation. RRP $14.95

The-Big-Fluffy-Face-Brush-nude-by-nature-Application-Brush nude-by-nature-Application-Brush-The-Big-Fluffy-Face-Brush




The Powder Foundation Brush: Coastal Scents Kabuki On A Stick

How best to describe this brush? Umm.. it’s a kabuki on a stick! I love this for applying pressed powder foundation to achieve full coverage. RRP $5.95

The-Powder-Foundation-Brush-Coastal-Scents-Kabuki-On-A-Stick Coastal-Scents-Kabuki-On-A-Stick-The-Powder-Foundation-Brush




The Big Fat Foundation Brush: Royal & Langnickel Super Foundation Brush BC142

This is a dupe of the Coco Beau Big Fat Foundation Brush. It makes applying foundation a breeze – super quick and easy. It actually gives a very similar finish to the Sigma Synthetic Kabuki brush. RRP $16







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