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Best Eye Brushes – MAC, Sigma, Royal & Langnickel, Coastal Scents

Here is part 2 of my best brushes featuring eye brushes.

The Flat Shader : Royal & Langnickel MD Eye Shader C411-S
I love this shape of brush for packing eye shadow onto the lid. To be honest any brush will do, the one I have photographed is just a representation for this type of brush. What I do like about this particular one however is that it has synthetic bristles which makes it a great brush for using cream shadows such as MAC Paint Pots. Approx $10





The Fluffy Blending Brush: MAC 224
I can’t really blog about brushes without mentioning the MAC 224 which has its own cult following. This is a real hair fluffy brush that I like to use for under eye concealer or blending out eye shadows. RRP $54






The Other Fluffy Blending Brush: Royal & Langnickel Crease C430This one is a more recent purchase but definitely worth mentioning. A fluffy soft crease brush but with a very tapered top which makes it perfect for blending out colour. RRP $7.50






The Tapered Blending Brush: MAC 217
Another brush that has its own cult following is the MAC217. A densely packed soft blending brush that his great for a soft wash of colour or like the name suggests: blending. RRP $37

The-Tapered-Blending-Brush-MAC-217 MAC-217-The-Tapered-Blending-Brush




The Pencil Brush: Coastal Scents Large Pencil Crease Black/Silver
What makes this brush special is how tapered and dense it is. It also has a very long handle which is somewhat different. I like this brush for precisely placing eye shadow in the crease and for smudging out eye liner. RRP $3.95






The Small Angle Brush: Sigma SS266/E65
This type of brush is my HG for grooming my eye brows. Any brush will do, this Sigma brush is just a representation for small angle brushes in general. RRP $9






The Eyeliner Brush: Coastal Scents Synthetic Fine Liner Brush
This is the best flipping eye liner brush I have ever tried and it’s almost ironic that it only costs 2 bucks. What makes this brush so special is how thin it is but it is still stable enough to let you apply gel liner in perfection. I have lined it up next to the Sigma eye liner brush so you can see how small it really is. RRP $1.99








The Small Smudger: Royal & Langnickel Mini Flat Smudge C402
This type of brush is great for applying eye shadow to your lower lash line. Any brush will do, that’s just the one I have. Approx $6

The-Small-Smudger-Royal-Langnickel-Mini-Flat-Smudge-C402 Royal-Langnickel-Mini-Flat-Smudge-C402-The-Small-Smudger




The Definer: Royal & Langnickel Eye Detailer C470
I love this brush for applying a highlight to my inner corner. It is also nice for precise spot concealing. Again any brush like this will do, but that’s the one I had on hand. Approx $6

The-Definer-Royal-Langnickel-Eye-Detailer-C470 Royal-Langnickel-Eye-Detailer-C470-The-Definer




The Big Blending Brush: Royal & Langnickel Super Eye Fluff C448
I didn’t actually realize how many Royal & Langnickel brushes are part of my favourites but there you go, another great example. This big fluffy eye brush is great for generously applying eye shadow but also for blending out harsh edges. Approx $10