Benefit’s High Beam Highlighter review

Benefit’s High Beam review and swatches

Ladies everywhere are looking for that ‘glow’ for their face. High beam by benefit is a luminescent complexion enhancer that will set you back £18.50. It’s just a satiny pink highlighter that helps your skin look more radiant. I also have Moon Beam but this is by far my favourite because of the pinky tones, and it lasts for absolutely ageeeees.high beam swatch

To apply this, I use the brush (it’s kind of like a nail polish design!?) and dot it along my brow and cheek bone in a C shape (above). Don’t make the mistake that I did and try and rub it in, it will make your foundation disappear and look rubbish and you’ll be very disappointed. Just pat it in gently buffing along the bones you want to highlight. It’s really hard to photograph this product to show how pretty it really is, so there is a photo overload coming up of me trying to get natural light/flash etc so I hope none of you are on dial-up HAH!high beam review

(with flash, included for LOLz!)high beam look
(natural light on iPhone)
benefits high beam review
Those of you that have been following me for the last couple of weeks will no doubt know that I love glowy cheeks. All my blushers and bronzers contain some amount of shimmer and I’m always going on about highlighters! This is one of my favourite and most natural highlighters in my whole make-up collection. I did this review as a request from one of my followers and I hope I’ve been able to help you out in some way too! Thanks for reading, as always, x