Benefit watt’s up! Soft Focus Highlighter Review and Swatches

Hi guys here is my Benefit watt’s up! Soft Focus Highlighter Review and Swatches!

Light up your world with watt’s up! Our delicate champagne sheer highlighter turns on ‘watt’ ya got with a luminous sheen and cream-to-powder finish. Glide on your cheek and brow bones, then sculpt with its soft glow blender for a gorgeous gleam.

Last night I experienced a deep psychological trauma in the form of a gallery of several hundred photographs from last weekend’s Australian Beauty Blogger’s Weekend. I found the most horrid photograph of myself I’ve ever seen, and instead of keeping quiet like you might expect, something possessed me to post it to Twitter, so you’ve probably already seen it or could totally go and look now.


While I was in Sydney for the Australian Beauty Bloggers Weekend, I dropped into Benefit’s Paddington boutique for a little pampering before meeting eighty four other beauty bloggers, who I’m sure are not at all judgmental, but GOLLY, just a little bit of pressure. I left with a Benefit goody bag including the new Benefit* watt’s up! Soft Focus Highlighter (RRP $53 AUD, available on counters 8th October 2011). Benefit are famous for their highlighters, of which I own exactly NONE to compare this with. What kind of beauty blogger am I, I ask myself at times like this. The answer of course is an ineffective but enthusiastic one.

2-Benefit-watt’s-up-Soft-Focus-Highlighter 3-Soft-Focus-Highlighter-by-Benefit 4-Benefit-soft-focus-highlighter

watt’s up! is a cream-to-powder stick highlighter in a rose-champagne. I’ve only used watt’s up! once, so I can’t offer a full review, but when I applied it to my cheekbones with my fingers (the included sponge is a little gimmicky, non?) my cheekbones were like SCHINK! Win.


See arm swatches below.


Note: This product was provided for consideration in accordance with the Disclosure Policy.

* Products marked with an asterisk are produced by a brand that either has a parent company that tests on animals or who source some raw materials from companies that test on animals.

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