OK so I know its hard not to like Benefit but unfortunately, I think they may test on animals (I know, it’s gutting isn’t it?!). How do I know?Here is my review of BENEFIT VS. MEMEME !
Well I don’t, for certain, but there are no animal testing policies on their site and I’ve tried contacting them but have yet to receive a reply, which makes me believe they must test their end products on animals. I mean, why else would they ignore such a question? and, if they didn’t, why wouldn’t they state it on their site?

This is really frustrating for me as I love Benefit, even if it is a little pricey! It’s good stuff that make-up lovers the world over covet. But luckily for me I’ve found another brand, who are gaining a huge following, because they offer cheap rip-offs of other brands (mainly Benefit). Plus, after contacting them I was sent an email confirming that neither their end products nor the ingredients used are tested on animals WOOHOO!!!

So here is my first ever dupe list showing all you cruelty free lovers what Benefit rip-offs you can get at a fraction of the price and all in the knowledge that no cute bunnies have been tortured for our vanity!

Benefit’s Highbeam £18.50



Benefit’s Highbeam £18.50
MeMeMe Moonbeam £5.25
Benefit Moonbeam £18.50
The total saving on the combined price of all these products is a massive £139.01!!! So for those of you who covet Benefit’s best sellers but refuse to support animal cruelty and/or are strapped for cash then MeMeMe is the range for you and me both!
I think I’ll be treating myself to these goodies very soon indeed so I can swatch them and let you know what I think of them

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