Let me start this  BENEFIT “THAT GAL” BRIGHTENING PRIMER  review by saying I have never been a fan of Benefit face products (although I have only tried a few). I find that they break me out and I usually buy them because I am enticed by the cute packaging or get them as cute novelty gifts for friends. I therefore wasn’t surprised at my findings for their “That Gal” Brightening Primer. Do you guys feel the same way about Benefit as a brand? Are there any Benefit face products that you guys really think are worth trying?BENEFIT THAT GAL BRIGHTENING PRIMER REVIEW

The Benefit website claims that it takes your complexion from “dull to darling” and makes your skin both “brighter and smoother”. I did not experience these wonderful effects with this product. I don’t want this review to be entirely negative so let me start with some positives. The product smells very sweet and the candy pink colour of the primer makes it fun to use and promising from first impressions. However, I’m not sure if it is because the product is perfumed or coloured but I broke out overnight after using it. As far as the brightening goes, when I initially put the product onto my skin I had high hopes. It was very moisturising and seemed to give my skin a very strong shine that I assume would settle into a glow. IT DIDN’T! I don’t know what it is with this product but it does NOT sink into your skin like a normal primer. Nevertheless I persevered and put my foundation on top of it. At first it wasn’t so bad but, after a while, I could almost wipe my foundation off with my finger because my face was so shiny and greasy! A couple of hours later my foundation had almost completely worn off and the whole point of a primer is to make your make up last longer so, even if it wasn’t “smoothing” or “brightening”, it failed at it’s most basic task.BENEFIT THAT GAL BRIGHTENING PRIMER
Luckily enough, I received this product as a present and did not have to fork out the colossal £21.50 for it. Perhaps if you have dry or combination skin this might work better for you but I genuinely cannot see it happening. It was “THAT bad” (get it? “that gal”? hahah sorry!) I would maybe buy this for a younger girl who was just starting out in make up because of it’s colour and scent but even then I think it would be pushing it. There are much, much better primers out there for much, much cheaper!
Has anyone had a positive experience with this product?
Is it just me and my oily skin?
Let me know!