Benefit High Beam Review

I bought a few Benefit mini products from eBay to try out. I’ve always been curious on the High Beam and what it does, and rather than fork out £18.50 for the full size product and not like it, I decided to buy a mini product from eBay. I believe this product was a sample that the seller put up, the words “Not for sale” gave it away! 



For those, who are curious what you can do with the High Beam, I’ll briefly explain. Benefit High Beam is a liquid highlighter, you can apply where ever you want really! It brightens up the area that you apply it to. I would apply a bit under the arch of my eyebrows, down the bridge of my nose, the cupids bow, around my dark circles, a bit on my chin AND some on the upper cheekbones. Though, I didn’t do this everyday, I mixed it around every now and then. 



I can’t really comment on the packaging, as the packaging for this is going to be different from the full size High Beam. The size of this is 2.5ml  it’s very small and resembles a mini lipgloss. If you are going to purchase this from eBay or an online website, check what size it is and compare it to the original, if it’s really cheap – it’s likely to be a sample. 

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What I discovered was, rather than applying the High Beam and then rubbing/blending it in, you were almost wiping it off. So I’d apply the high beam and then leave it to soak in, then gently pat over where it was to blend and then apply the rest of your make-up. Of course, this wouldn’t work so well if you didn’t do make-up over, but I found it worked better this way. 

So, would you buy this in the full size version? I’m not sure on the answer to this. I did like the results of the High Beam, however this is the first highlighter that I’ve bought, so I can’t compare it to others. From a little bit of research the E.L.F Shimmering Facial Whip is supposed to be a dupe for the High Beam, so I may try that as a comparison. 

~ Have you ever tried any highlighters or the High Beam? What do you think of it?

P.S. – If you have any questions about this that I may not have answered then feel free to leave a comment below and I will get back to you 🙂

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