benefit haul (pic heavy) Review

An extra Valentine’s Day treat from my boyfriend that arrived on my doorstep today.Here is my review of benefit haul (pic heavy) !

These are swatches and some of my initial impressions 🙂

benefit haul (pic heavy)

benefit haul (pic heavy)1

Finding Mr Bright is a cute little kit that comes with Girl Meets Pearl (7.5mL), Posie Tint (4mL), High Beam (2.5mL) and Erase Paste in Medium (3.2g)

benefit haul (pic heavy)2

L-R Girl Meets Pearl, Posie Tint, High Beam, Erase Paste in Medium
benefit haul (pic heavy)3
As you can see, Posie Tint dried before I could blend it, not only that but I haven’t been able to get it off my hand since I swatched it this morning even after washing and scrubbing my hands numerous times! That’s definitely not a good combination if you don’t work with the product the right way. I also got a tingling sensation when I put it on so at this point I’m pretty apprehensive about putting it on my face. Nevertheless it’s a really pretty colour and I’m willing to give it a go and get back to you guys
benefit haul (pic heavy)4
Eye Bright is a pale pink brightening stick that can be applied to the inner and outer corners. I decided to get this after reading reviews on how well this brightened the under eye area. When I put it on my under eye circles the colour didn’t look quite right so I’m going to try layering it with other products. The quest for the perfect under eye makeup continues!
benefit haul (pic heavy)5
I’m jumping the gun but I have to say I’m absolutely loving these creaseless cream shadows in Birthday Suit and Skinny Jeans! With a lovely smooth texture these are easy to blend and able to be built up to the desired intensity. I wore Birthday Suit on my lids today and I can truly say it is creaseless and stays put!
benefit haul (pic heavy)6
L-R Eye Bright, Creaseless Cream Shadow in Birthday Suit & Skinny Jeans
benefit haul (pic heavy)7
Bluff Dust is a yellow-based redness concealing powder. I’m excited to try this out because I find that even after foundation there is still a lot of redness in my complexion
benefit haul (pic heavy)8
benefit haul (pic heavy)9
C’mon guys – no Benefit haul would be complete without a few blushes! 😉 I’ve heard so many good things about Dandelion so that was always going to be a definite “add to cart”. I added 10 after reading that it’s a subtle bronzer suited to fair skin
benefit haul (pic heavy)10
Watt’s Up is a “soft focus” champagne highlighter with a cream to powder finish. The packaging is cute and comes with a sponge to blend but it’s probably more bulky than it needs to be
benefit haul (pic heavy)11
 two sides of 10
benefit haul (pic heavy)12
L-R 10 (two sides mixed), Dandelion, Watt’s Up
benefit haul (pic heavy)13
Finally, my order came with three samples – two of Benefit’s new foundation Hello Flawless in Ivory and one Stay Put Primer
I’ve always wanted to try Benefit products (I’m a sucker for packaging) but I’ve been put off by the exorbitant Australian prices. Here a Benefit blush sets us back around $50 while they’re practically half price ($28) on the Benefit website! Well guess what? Shipping is free for international orders over $125. 😉 Otherwise it’s $13.95 for orders between $75-125 or $18.95 for orders less than $75. Either way, it’s a lot cheaper to buy Benefit online! I was quite happy with the shipping too, I placed the order on the 16th and it arrived this morning (28th)… that’s only 9 working days!
Here’s a shout out to my lovely boyfriend… I promise I won’t be buying anymore makeup for a veryyy long time 🙂
If you have any questions feel free to ask I’ll do my best to answer them & do more indepth reviews!
What are your favourite Benefit products?


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