Ben Nye Banana Powder REVIEW

I have had my eye on this bad boy, ever since Kim Kardashian said she used it. Yes, I am shallow like that. Here is my review of Ben Nye Banana Powder ! Ben Nye Banana Powder

She tweeted this photo so long ago, and as you can see, she uses it under her eyes to set her concealer. I always assumed that it was really hard to get hold of, but then I saw the lovely Lily blog about it, and I discovered it was just £8.15 for 1.5 oz of powder, which I think is incredible value.   This powder, as the name suggests, is yellow toned- meaning it is great for sorting out darker areas on your skin you want to highlight. Its also a great setting powder- and has amazing strength for the dark tones under your eyes- it acts as a barrier and looks great in pictures, hence why Kimmy K loves it. It is so finely milled that its like dust?!  Sounds weird but its so so light, blends superbly, and really melts into your skin, giving a natural radiant finish. I was a bit concerned it may actually look yellow on my skin once applied- but as long as I use it with a foundation it looks fine. Its long lasting, and makes your face look instantly ‘done’.

The only thing I dislike is the packaging- its like a talcum powder bottle, so as you can imagine it gets everywhere. Boo! But hey ho its good stuff so we will let that go. Overall, I think its a really high quality setting powder, gives my skin a bit of a gleam, and brightens it up. It also is great for controlling oil.I brought it online here, and the delivery was really speedy.
What do you think of this powder? Would you give it a go?
Lots of Love,

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