I have been following the same, monotonous routine day after day… and it’s really been getting me down. Post-university depression, perhaps? Ha – in any case, the title of this post is reflective not only of the colors I’m wearing, but my overall beige mood. Lately I have hardly been dressing up and have been feeling really uninspired in every way – shoving my hair into ponytails and wearing minimal make-up (just blush and eyeliner in these photos)…




Wearing Zara beige pocket skirt, cropped leopard print cardigan from Lotus Leaf 
{a boutique in London’s St. Christopher Place} & Dune ballet flats



Clearly I forgot how to iron! 😉



Do you ever have those days? What do you do to combat beige moods?

Quite a few of you remarked on the décor in my last post. All the pictures were taken in our living room and I would be more than happy to give you a {virtual} tour of my house, as requested; perhaps I’ll take my outfit pictures in different places to show you a few different rooms. The pictures in this post were taken in my bedroom, which some readers will probably recognize.

P.S. Thank you Katie for passing on this award and Sarah for this one! Oh, and I thought this was awesome, regardless of your political opinion (see it as a fashion statement if you must)

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