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Beauty Without Cruelty Concealer Pencil Review

What’s up ladies!? Hope y’all well!  So here is my Beauty Without Cruelty Concealer Pencil review!

I was sent this concealer pencil to try last week by Beauty Without Cruelty and I think it’s such a genius idea for a concealer because it’s so much more hygienic than every other one I think I’ve ever used! But yet it’s so simple I don’t know why other mainstream cosmetic companies don’t do it as well?!


Beauty Without Cruelty Concealer Pencil


Concealer Pencil by Beauty Without Cruelty


Beauty Without Cruelty Pencil Concealer

Sorry the lighting isn’t the best, I think the last picture shows the shade of concealer best. I’m naturally very pale, but even when I wear fake tan I always think it’s best to go a shade or 2 lighter under the eyes because it really reflects the light and diminishes dark circles. Notice how blotchy my skin is naturally as displayed in the picture below (it’s worst around my nose and chin), plus the dark circles under my eyes?


Picture of me before using the Beauty Without Cruelty Concealer Pencil

Then see how much more even the tone is below after application and how my dark circles are barely noticeable?


Picture of me after using the Beauty Without Cruelty Pencil Concealer

I tend to apply it my under eyes first and blend inwards from the outer to inner corner; I read somewhere that if its applied this way, it wont stick in the fine lines and wrinkles. Then I apply it to any areas of redness and imperfections, before sharpening and popping back in my make-up bag. Since I started using this I’ve definitely not needed a foundation either which I just love because I’m really a fan of foundation anymore, and to be quite honest I don’t think its necessary when a concealer does such a good job; just a bit of bronzer and blush and away you go!
It’s very creamy in texture and as soon as you apply it to your skin you can easily blend it with your fingertips, not very much is needed however, so don’t be wasteful!
Before I chose to go cruelty free I swore by YSL’s Touche Eclat but to be quite honest, I think this has instantly become my favourite concealer. I’m just glad they’re BUAV approved! For more info on BWC cosmetics click here
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