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Beauty Treats to Give Mom on Mother’s Day

With Mother’s Day just a few days away, I’m pretty sure a lot of you are starting to think of gift ideas to give the most special woman in your life. Because the million things that they have to do every day, moms don’t usually get to put a lot of though and effort into beauty which is why anything beauty related makes a perfect gift for any mom. Here are some beauty treats you can give mom on Mother’s Day.

  • MAKEUP – moms barely have the time to look at makeup when they’re at the mall with the kids so why not do her a favor and give her something that she can play around with when she has some time on her hands? Makeup is a great confidence booster, too, so it’s perfect for moms of newborns who feel like they’re starting to lose the glow. If you’re not sure about her makeup preferences, go for neutrals. They’re the safest bet and you just know mom will get great use out of them.

glam makeup look

glam set makeup

  • LIPSTICK – though, technically, lipstick is considered makeup, just this alone can already make any mommy happy. If you’re on a budget, a tube of lipstick is a great option. Choose a bright color that can be her instant pick me up. A classic red would make a great, safe choice but if you think she’s able to pull other colors off, orange or pink would be nice, too.

bright lipstick look lipstick set

  • SKIN CARE SET – if you know what brand of skin care line she uses, why not get her an extra full set so she’s set for a while? I personally always love it when I have all my favorite skin care brands within my reach, especially when there are extras because then I won’t worry about running out.

radiant skin skin care set

  • DIY BEAUTY TREATS – on a tight budget? Well, don’t let that hinder you from giving mom a gift on her special day. Instead of buying her beauty treats, why not make her one? There are lots of ingredients online (try Pinterest!) for homemade beauty treats that require ingredients from your pantry or fridge so it shouldn’t cost you much at all.

diy beauty gifts glowing skin

  • GIFT CERTIFICATE / CHEQUE – GCs are perfect if you really want to get mom the perfect gift but can’t get her to tell you what it is. You can give her a gift certificate for services like a spa treatment or maybe a massage or you can give her a gift card at her favorite beauty shop so she can pick out her gift herself.


beauty gc