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Beauty Tips for Busy Moms

As a mom, we all know that we no longer have all the time in the world to do our makeup like we used to back in our child-free days but don’t let that make you quit makeup altogether. Yes, having a demanding newborn and a toddler that requires constant supervision isn’t going to let you blend those eye shadows perfectly or mix three different foundations to get your exact match easily and neither will it allow you to contour your face anymore but there are still plenty of other easier things you can do to still look fab. Here are some beauty tips for moms who want to hide the look of sleeplessness all the other not-so-glamorous things that motherhood comes with.

  • KEEP IT NEAT – being able to do your beauty routine quickly starts with an organized vanity. You’ll find that it’s easier to get your hair and makeup done for the day when you know exactly where to reach into for certain products and tools so try to keep everything in place by putting things back to where they belong right after you use them.

neat and simple vanity table

simple and clean makeup nook

  • KEEP IT MINIMAL – if you’re a busy mom, trust me, you won’t have the time to rummage through a room full of makeup and spend hours deciding on which new black eyeliner to use for the day so try to keep your collection to a minimum and purchase only the things that you’ll actually use (and maybe a few luxury and miscellaneous ones for when you want to go extra glam or when you need your makeup to look good and last long).

basic makeup needs basic brush needs

  • BE AN EARLY BIRD – if you’re the kind of mom who “becomes mom” the very second you wake up and you have trouble finding the time to do even the very basic things for yourself like taking a shower, doing your hair and makeup and sipping a glass of wine (what, you don’t miss that?) throughout the day then why not wake up ahead of everyone else and do those things for yourself before doing stuff for other (little) people.

girl washing her hair

  • NO ‘POO METHOD – it’s a great excuse to skip a day or two of washing your hair plus there are lots of things in store for your hair in it. You can go as freely (no shampoo every now and then) or as strictly (no shampoo at all, read here) as you want with the no ‘poo method. Read about the benefits of going no ‘poo here.

no poo hairstyle second day hairstyles gorgeous second day hair

  • EMBRACE MESSY HAIR – messy is sexy so don’t bother about perfecting that everyday bun or getting every single strand in place for that ponytail. Embrace messy hair – it’s easier and takes less time, too.

messy everyday chignon messy hairstyle messy low bun

  • PERFECT THE NO MAKEUP MAKEUP LOOK – this one is a lifesaver! The no makeup makeup look is a natural looks that you can wear every day that requires minimal blending and zero use of complicated techniques. Here are some tips on how you can perfect the no makeup makeup look.

easy no makeup makeup look gorgeous no makeup makeup look no makeup makeup look

  • DIY BEAUTY TREATS – if going to the spa isn’t an option for you because you have your hands full with mommy duties and responsibilities, you can always whip something up in the kitchen for your face, your skin or your hair, slap it on and leave it while you do other stuff then rinse and you’re done. Click here, here and here for various DIY beauty treats you can quickly whip up while the little ones are asleep or while you wait for that pot roast to cook.

diy beauty diy face mask diy sugar lip scrub diy hair mask coconut oil