Beauty Looks You Need to Master Now

Mastering the beauty look that suits you best is a skill that many strive to achieve. Once you have mastered that look, preparing for your day in the mornings just get easier. However, there will always be those days when you just want something new and different for a change. It could be an old look you used to love or one that you’ve seen somewhere and totally haven’t tried out yet. For summer this year, check out these beauty looks you need to try and master. These will be perfect for those days when you just want to shake things up a bit and do something different.

  • THE GOLDEN GLOW – look effortlessly fresh and stunning by mastering the golden glow look. This look is all about bringing warmth and radiance to your face. Start off with any makeup look you want to do for the day then add some bronzer for warmth and highlighter for radiance. You don’t necessarily have to contour your face so it’s not that difficult to master this look.

golden glow makeup golden glow look

  • 90s PROM HAIR – the 90s prom hair look is an easy one to master and it’s great for days when you want something laidback and chic. Put your hair up in a loose updo and pull out some tendrils on the side to frame your face and give it that sexy but subtle ‘come hither’ look. This look is perfect on days when you want to hang out with your man and you want something sexy but not the in-your-face kind of it.

90s prom hair wavy updo 90s hairstyle loose updo

  • BEACH BABE LOOK – if you’re looking for a quick, easy, foolproof go-to look, how about the beach babe hair and makeup? Think bright and glossy coral lips and warm, bronzed and dewy skin. This look is guaranteed to make you look fresh and fab in no time at all.

beach babe makeup beachy babe makeup look lauren conrad

  • AN INFORMAL BUN – let’s face it, the ballerina top knot isn’t exactly the healthiest everyday hairstyle for our tresses. It’s too tight and too time consuming. Instead of going for that look, why not master the informal bun instead? You can do this bun however you like and what’s great about it is that it doesn’t have to look perfectly neat at all. In fact, the messier it is, the better it will look.

informal bun hairstyle informal texturized bun

  • NATURAL BEAUTY LOOK – summer is the perfect time to break free from heavy makeup looks and try out lighter and fresher ones. The natural beauty look is one of my personal favorite makeup looks during this time of the year. The goal of this look is to enhance what you already have.

natural beauty look natural beauty with bushy brows

  • BEACHY WAVES – whether you’re headed to the office, the mall or to the beach, this hairstyle is guaranteed to add that summer-y vibe to your look. There are plenty of ways to achieve this look but my top two favorites include the no-heat option (spritz on texturizing spray, scrunch up and you’re done!) and the one that uses this triple barrel curler (for when you need to do it quickly).

beachy blonde waves beachy ombre waves

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