Beauty Blender Sponge Review

Beauty Blender Sponge Review

I’ve been on the mission for flawless skin for years now; a firm believer that the base is the most important part of a make-up routine hence my subsequent obsession with primers, foundations, concealers and setting sprays.One great base = a flawless face in my opinion.Now, before you all think I’ve discovered the perfect foundation or some kind of miracle skin cream I haven’t.

But what I have found is a tool to help you achieve a great looking base no matter what foundation you use.

Beauty-Blender-Sponge-ReviewDry sponges: Yellow – Sephora precision sponge, Top – Beauty Blender and Right – Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection

By introducing a beauty blending sponge into your routine it will change your life, well not literally but you get the gist.

I have come to rely on these egg shaped beauties every day for the past six months to help me get skin perfection and I honestly can’t see myself ever being without one.

Beauty Blender Sponge  : What do you do and how does it work?

The key to using a beauty blending sponge is to bouncebouncebounce and bounce some more.

Most people advise wetting the sponge before use and squeezing it until it is a little damp to get the best finish but personally I prefer using mine dry.

Beauty Blender Sponge Review1

Wet sponges, L-R : Cosmopolitan, Beauty Blender, Sephora.

I apply my foundation as normal using a Mac 189 foundation brush all over the face, I then blend with my fingers to ensure there are no visible lines.

I will then apply a concealer where its needed and to ensure I get the best finish possible for my base I would take a blending sponge (dry) and bounce it over areas that tend to get cakey.

Mainly between my eyebrows, eye area, sides of the nose and the chin.To see how check out my Foundation Routine video here.

The sponge picks up any excess foundation and helps to blend the products into your skin seamlessly, leaving it looking more natural and giving an airbrushed appearance.

Beauty Blender Sponge Review2As you can see I currently have three but the one I use the most is the least expensive of the bunch and in my opinion miles better.

I shun using the original BeautyBlender (14.50pounds) which after several washes goes a little nasty and the Sephora Precision sponge (9pounds) which is ‘rock hard’ and opt for Cosmopolitan’s amazing Blend Perfection Sponge instead.
Beauty Blender Sponge Review3

This sponge is great quality, washes well, super soft, a great shape for getting into contoured spaces and of course a great price!

At just under a fiver (from Superdrug) it’s well worth the money.

I absolutely love blending sponges since using them I waved bye bye to cakiness and welcomed a flawless base daily.

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