Beauty Bargains

Surprisingly Good Beauty Bargains ..

I went in for one thing……..Beauty-Bargains

And came out with this lot : Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate #113,  Rimmel’s Waterproof Khol Kajal in Nude, MUA Undressed palette and some more !

Oh how this happens to me all too often. I simply nip in to Boots/Superdrug for the basic, everyday essentials; toothpaste, painkillers, cotton buds etc, but then always end up walking out with so much more than I intended.

If I’m honest, it’s usually the pricier cosmetics that somehow (?) find their way into my shopping basket, but last week I had a proper high-street haul, and picked up some surprisingly good beauty bargains which I wanted to share with you all.

I’ll start with my favourite bits, both of which are from Rimmel’s new collection and are FABULOUS!

Rimmel’s Kate lipstick in 113Rimmel Kate lipstick 113

If you’re a fellow nude lip lover you need to get yourself  down to a Rimmel counter ASAP. Their new shade in 113 is a purse friendly tube of peach perfection. Similar in tone to Mac’s Shy Girl, this super wearable and flattering apricot applies effortlessly and leaves a semi matte finish. Very 60’s!
It’s been my ‘on the go’ lippie lately and I just love it. 

Rimmel’s Waterproof Khol Kajal in NudeRimmel's Waterproof Khol Kajal in Nude

Sticking with nudes here’s another Rimmel purchase. Above is one of their latest liner additions from the Scandaleyes Waterproof Kohl Kajal collection and it’s AMAZING. If you take note of anything from this haul let it be this. It will blow you away!

I kid you not this eyeliner has the best formula, consistency and colour payoff that I’ve ever tried. I’m well aware this may be a bold statement, but seriously it outperforms even my high-end liners by miles in both lasting power and softness.

I picked up (005) Nude which is unusual in itself, as a flesh toned liner is hard to come by, especially on the high street. If you’re looking to give your eyes the more awake look without using stark white then this shade is perfect, but if you’re not fussed, then there are five other more colourful shades in the collection to tempt you.

MUA Undressed paletteMUA Undressed palette

Moving on from the London look and on to yet another drugstore gem I just couldn’t resist is this palette by MUA. For only £3, Undressed is said to be a dupe of UD’s much pricier Naked palette and I must agree – some of the shades are complete copy-cats. 

Although not as creamy in formula as UD’s version, these shadows are pretty darn good considering each one costs a mere 25p each! Pigmentation is strong and I like that there’s a mix of finishes making this another thumbs up from me. MUA Undressed shades, Rimmel's 113 lipstick and Rimmel's Nude liner swatches

Top to Bottom: a few MUA Undressed shades, Rimmel’s 113 lipstick and Rimmel’s Nude liner.

Purchased on a whim, with if I’m honest pretty low expectations, all of the products I’ve mentioned above have far exceeded my initial assumptions. My bank balance and I are very happy indeed, sometimes grabbing a beauty bargain can really pay off!

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