Beauty and Makeup Tips and Tricks for Redheads

Whether you’re a natural redhead or you just had an amazing dye job done to your hair, there’s no denying that being a red head means doing your makeup a tad differently that blondes or brunettes. When you have red hair, you’ll want to do your makeup in such a way that your hair color pops. There are certain colors that will accentuate your hair beautifully and there are colors, too , that will just make either your hair or your makeup look ashy and dull. Check out these beauty and makeup tips and tricks for redheads.

  • WEAR LIGHT COVERAGE FOUNDATION – redheads in general, especially the natural ones, have very fair complexion and often their skin is unblemished too so if that’s what you have, make sure to highlight that feature by letting it be the star of your makeup look. This means there won’t be any need for heavy cream or liquid foundations. Instead, a light dusting of powder to get rid of the shine or mineral foundation would be better.

no makeup makeup look redhead

light plum eye shadow easy redhead makeup

  • THE DEAL WITH FRECKLES – not may natural redheads appreciate their freckles but it’s actually something non-redheads (fake ones included) dream of. It’s a unique feature that adds an air of exquisiteness to your look. Don’t worry about covering them up if you’re doing your everyday makeup. If you want a more flawless finish for your makeup for special events, light concealer should get the job done.

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  • CHOOSING EYE MAKEUP COLORS – there are certain colors that you can use for your eye makeup that will really pop against red hair but these will depend on your eye color as well. Redheads with blue or green eyes look better with colors like pink, peach, plum and tawny gold while those with brown or hazel eyes will look good with earthy colors like brown, mauve, copper and dark champagne.

 neutral eye makeup gorgeous makeup for redheads light and natural makeup

  • EXPERIMENT WITH LIP COLORS – if there’s one thing I envy about women with red hair, it’s the fact that any lip color would look great on them and I mean this literally. If you’re a redheaded makeup junkie, this is an advantage since you can try out every lip color you can grab and you just know that it will look good on you. Now, all you need to do is decide which ones are your favorites.

bright red lipstick gorgeous red lips pale pink lips and pink blush

  • MATCH YOUR BROW COLOR WITH YOUR HAIR – if you’re not a natural redhead, you should remember to match your brow color with your hair. This will make your fiery locks look more natural. Taupe or light auburn brow pencil and brow powder are just some of the best colors / products to go for if you have red hair.

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  • KEEP IT LIGHT AND NATURAL – overall, you should aim for a simple, light and natural makeup look when you’re a redhead. Going too heavy with that bright eye shadow or wearing too much blush can make you look like a hot mess in a jiffy so try not to get too excited when putting makeup on.

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