Beautiful Ways to Wear Red

Red has always been a color that we immediately and instantaneously associate with being fierce and sexy, especially when worn either as a color incorporated in your makeup look or as part of your outfit. If you ever wake up one day and you’re not feeling like your usual fabulous self, a hint of red on your makeup or outfit makes a great pick me up. It’s a color that you can wear anytime you need a boost in your confidence. While red is a really pretty color in general, there will always be that one shade of red that will make you look extra gorgeous so taking the time to find that color is a great investment. Here are some ideas on beautiful ways to wear read any time, any day.

  • Red lipstick – the easiest confidence booster and the quickest pick me up that works like magic is red lipstick. Just swipe it on when you’re having a bad day or when you want to feel extra glamorous and you’re good to go! Red lipstick goes well with just about any look – from casual day time looks to sexy and sultry evening looks. You can wear it regardless of what outfit you’re wearing, too.

velvety red lipstick

sexy red lipstick

  • Try red eye shadow – color on the eyes may seem very overwhelming to some but if you’re looking for a bold look that you can actually wear, try some red eye shadow. I personally like brick red or coppery red eye shadow colors because they blend in well with other neutral colors but they still give your eye makeup that subtle pop of color that isn’t too bold.

coppery red eye shadow red eye shadow

  • Wear red blush – blush colors often range from soft pinks to dark browns but if you want to get a really nice pop of color on your cheeks, try to dust on a light red blush. You’ll want to make sure you use a red blush lightly, especially if it’s super pigmented. You’ll want to get a sexy look and not end up looking like you have clownish makeup on.

light red blush perfect light red blush color

  • Dye your hair red – feeling a little rebellious? Why not ditch your natural hair color and dye your hair red? Natural redheads are rare and that makes it even more enticing to somehow become ‘one of them’, even if it’s via an artificial method. There are plenty of shades of red that you can choose from. You can opt for a darker red if you have dark hair and don’t want anything too bright or too bold or you can go for the gingery kind of red if you really want to go all out on faking your redheadedness.

Rihanna red hair fiery red hair

  • Get red highlights – not too keen on getting your hair dyed red and sticking to it for a long time? How about getting red highlights instead? This is perfect if you want to just add some color on your hair that will pop against your natural hair color.

red highlights on dark hair reddish brown highlights


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