Beach Bride’s Beauty Guide

A beach wedding is a very romantic way to celebrate a new chapter in your life. If you’re planning on being a beach bride yourself, though, you have to remember that there are some things that you have to consider, especially when it comes to hair and makeup. Because you’ll be outdoors, you’ll want your hair and makeup to be able to stand up against the natural elements you’ll encounter. Here is the beach bride’s beauty guide.

  • TAN AHEAD – if you plan on doing a sunless tan for your wedding day, do it at least 3 days ahead of time. This will ensure you that your tan will have fully developed by the time you’ll be in your wedding dress so that it looks vibrant and natural. This will also assure you that your tanning product won’t rub off on your dress and it will give you ample time to re-apply in case you notice any streakiness.

tanned skin light tan on bride

  • MATCH YOUR TAN – if you are getting a tan for your beach wedding, make sure to tell your makeup artist beforehand so s/he can bring the right shades and colors to match your skin tone.

hair down with flower crown simple no makeup look

  • BEACH-PROOF YOUR MAKEUP – if you’re having your wedding at the beach, you have to remember that the winds and the sun can take a toll on your makeup a lot quicker than you would expect so beach-proofing your makeup is important. Choosing water-proof makeup is the first step to beach-proofing it. Priming beforehand and setting each area properly after.

simple beach bride makeup simple makeup look

  • PREPARE YOUR HAIR – what’s a gorgeous hairstyle if it’s all going to frizz up while you’re up in the altar exchanging vows with your beau? Make sure your hair stays smooth and silky by choosing a protective hairstyle. If you want your hair down on your beach wedding day, use a frizz-fighting product to keep it nice and sleek.

protective hairstyle anti frizz beach bride look

  • SUN PROTECTION – this is the tricky part when it comes to beach wedding makeup. Sun protection is important and should never be compromised but we all know that SPF produces a white cast on photos so what do you do? If you have cover from the sun – tents, gazebo or whatnot, go ahead and skip SPF in your makeup. Otherwise, use at least one product that has it for minimum protection that won’t leave too much of a white cast.

beach bride beautiful beach bride

  • GO FOR THE GLOW – the best makeup look for a beach bride is a radiant, glowing, almost dewy kind of look. It’s just very fresh and perfect for an outdoor wedding, especially one at the beach.

glowing skin radiant glowing makeup look

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