Be Your Own Hairdresser


So, it’s time to come clean – I haven’t actually been to a hairdresser since I was 19. I wouldn’t say I’m scared to go to a hairdresser, or that I even dislike it in fact the last time I went it was the most amazing experience (Vidal Sassoon, in case you were wondering) but I’ve been cutting and trimming my own hair since I was around 15 so nowadays I find it much easier to just do it myself.
 I think the first haircut I gave myself was probably the scariest thing I’ve ever done and it took a little bit of courage to actually complete. I think my ‘self’ haircuts in those days came from not really trusting someone else to do what I wanted, and I’m really the sort of person that when I get something in my head I have to act upon it. So it wasn’t long before the two combined and I was in the bathroom mirror with a pair of scissors,  in hindsight back in those days I was literally just hacking at my poor hair and hoping for the best but over the years I’ve observed my own hairdressers and watched plenty of videos online and feel a little more confident with it and hopefully a bit more technical.

These days unlike my misspent youth I’m certainly not trying to give myself a complete restyle every other week but normally just giving the length a trim and the sides a little shave and touch up, which is actually super easy! I’ve been using these Lee Stafford Hair of the Dog Clippers (on grade 1) since I was sent them a while ago and they have now replaced my old clippers, which were actually much more expensive. They feel really sturdy compared to my old ones and definitely glide through my hair much easier, they come with just enough guards to cover everything you’d need without being too confusing and of course are really well designed, basically I’m really loving them!

Shaving the sides your hair is probably the easiest place to start with DIY haircuts these days. It’s really difficult to mess up provided you don’t  A) shave it too short, B) shave it too high up or c) both, I’ve actually managed to do all three to myself at some point and I would really advise against it – unless of course you have nowhere important to go in which case feel free.

Of course I’m not suggesting you avoid the hairdressers but never be afraid to try it yourself, the wonderful thing about hair is that it grows (admittedly not like a Tressy doll from the 1970′s) so no matter what you do it will grow back – eventually. So don’t be afraid! Plus trimming your own ends, keeping the sides shaved or keeping on top of a fringe at home really saves you quite a lot of money over the months so next time you do make a trip to the hairdressers you’ll have saved yourself enough money to go for a pampering treatment and a complete restyle!

6 top tips for cutting your own hair:
  Cut a little at a time and always start with a higher guard when shaving, better to cut not enough than too much.

  When it comes to the back of your hair use two mirrors or get a friend (you trust) to help.

  Remember if trimming your hair when it’s wet that it will be shorter once dry.
  Use thinning scissors with caution, or if in doubt not at all.
  When trimming always use good quality, sharp hair scissors!
  If you’re brave and are wanting to restyle rather than just trim watch how it’s done (on YouTube) first.