Be the Breakout Bride in an Alternative Wedding Gown

Are you tired of the usual frilly white wedding gowns? If you are unlike any other bride, then make sure to walk down the aisle in an alternative matrimonial frock. It’s one of the hottest trends today, and is often seen in runways – from New York to Paris. Here is a selection of unique wedding gowns that will appeal to your quirky bridal personality.

alternative gown

Printed Wedding Gown

Add some life to the usual white frock by opting for a printed wedding gown. A popular choice amongst many designers is a floral style, but you can go ahead with an abstract design if you want!

alternative wedding gown alternative wedding gown

Short Wedding Gown

Long wedding gowns can be troublesome. Most of the time, you can expect people to step on your train. Prevent this tragedy from ever happening by sporting a short wedding gown. Audrey Hepburn did it herself, so why shouldn’t you?

alternative wedding dress short alternative wedding dress

Laidback Wedding Gown

Planning on getting married in an unconventional setting? If you are arranging for a garden or beach wedding, then your best choice is a laidback wedding gown. It can be as simple as a hippie-style wedding dress, or a sweater-and-skirt as donned by Yoko Ono.

2 pc alternative wedding gown

hippie wedding gown hippie alternative wedding dress

Colorful Wedding Gown

If white, cream or ivory wedding gowns are too boring for you, then you will enjoy saying your vows in a colorful wedding gown. Following such trend is actress Shenae Degrimes, who married model Josh Beech in a luxurious black gown.

black wedding gown

Remember, it is just a matter of choosing the shade you like the most!

red wedding dress

Bridal Pantsuit

Androgyny is a hot look today. Embody this fashion trend by saying “I do” in a bridal pantsuit. Apart from being stylish, it is actually very comfy, as you get to sashay down the aisle in non-restrictive clothing. Additionally, it’s another way to break from the wedding fashion mold.

wedding pantsuit

Getting married does not automatically equate to lacy white gowns. Be a breakout bride – and wow your guests along the way – by saying “I do” in an alternative wedding gown.

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