BB super skin +, Garnier BB cream & Liz Earle Sheer Tint Review

Hey guys! Hope you’re all well 🙂 so I thought I’d kill two birds with one stone, or in this case three birds, because I’m reviewing 3 products! AHH. But believe me its going to be easier! So I am going to ramble on about BB creams or Blemish Balm and everyone in the beauty blogger world probably knows what they are now, they are supposed to even out skin tone, target spots etc. To be perfectly honest, I have never seen a blemish prevention with these creams unfortunately, so I can’t claim they do the trick, but I do like the formulation of these products. I’m also reviewing the Liz Earle sheer tint mainly because I got sent little satchels of it. (Which you can get yourself if you sign up to the newsletter I believe?



Firstly, the Garnier BB cream: my thoughts? Its very dewy, probably needs mattifying if you have oily/combination skin like myself but very sheer if you don’t like a sheer cover I wouldn’t recommend this. Smells great and the tube is very nice 🙂



I know it looks incredibly oily but if you put on some powder you’d be able to matify it! It gives a sheer cover, but I still need concealer to cover up those spots.
Next, the “original” skin 79 BB cream- I love the packaging, I’d rebuy it for sure! And its a slight matte texture, but still leaves a dewy finish. 


BB-super-skin-Garnier-BB-cream-Liz-Earle-Sheer-Tint-with-bb-creamLess oily, but it still gives a sheer coverage, I think personally I prefer this BB cream than the garnier one. 
Finally, the Liz Earle sheer tint- I used the one in Beige 02, it gives another sheer cover, and also a little bit of a tan too if you guys like that, I personally prefer a skin coloured base. Oh, but the smell of this is not good 🙁 its got a plasticy smell, which I really don’t like. 



Overall, I wouldn’t buy the Liz Earle sheer tint, it retails at £21 and I think that’s a bit too expensive for something as much as I love Liz Earle products. I probably would repurchase both the Super + BB cream £5.99 from this (link) and the Garnier one, the Garnier around £8.99-£9.99(link!) is easier to purchase because its available from boots or superdrug, whilst the Super + BB cream is harder to buy if your in the UK. Also if you guys want a heavy coverage BB creams will not be for you, they are incredibly sheer which I want to emphasise before any of you guys want to buy these to try it out. What do you guys think? Hope this helped!
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