Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose Body Splash Review

Bath & Body Works Velvet Tuberose Body Splash Review

Part of my holiday ritual includes selecting a fragrance to make the trip with me to my destination of choice. For someone with a very
large fragrance collection it might seem peculiar that I would only choose a single scent, yet I like the idea of attaching holiday
memories to a perfume. Our sense of scent is one of the best triggers for memory that humans have, which is why you may notice that certain smells have the ability to transport you to another time or place. I love the idea of being able to connect a fragrance with a happy time in my life, knowing that any future spritzes of that perfume will make feel happy and nostalgic.

I holidayed to the Yarra Valley at the start of the year, one of Australia’s most well known wine regions. I wanted to take something pretty but a little carefree away with me, so I selected a very cheap but lovely perfume by American company, Bath and Body Works (BBW). BBW is unfortunately not available in Australia, however Aussies looking for their products can try EBay or use a parcel forwarding service to order directly from the BBW website.

Their range of scents is overwhelming, with many of them targeted at the tween set. Scents like Cucumber Melon, White Citrus and Bali Mango might have you screaming for the hills, but there are a few little gems in the BBW line. Personally, I don’t mind all those uber-fresh citrus scents for shower gels, but they generally won’t be making it into my fragrance collection. Thankfully BBW has Velvet Tuberose, a sheer tuberose scent for those who like their perfumes a little headier and creamier than the average BBW scent.


This is my bottle and I believe it’s the older Bath & Body Works perfume bottle style.

Velvet Tuberose is a sheer, gauze white floral that still maintains the creaminess and character of it’s more heady cousins. In other
reviews I’ve seen it named as a ‘poor mans’ version of Fracas or Carnal Flower. While I don’t really feel it compares to either of
those wonderful scents it does offer an alternative to the head-kicker variety of tuberose scents.

What Velvet Tuberose lacks in richness it makes up for in charm, there’s something gentle, relaxed yet still polished about this scent.
In true BBW fashion there are some sweet fruits in the opening; the website lists apricot, citrus and fig but I detect some juicy red
berries in there as well. These notes don’t hang around too long and soon you’re left with a delicate mix of jasmine, gardenia and
tuberose. I feel ultra feminine in this scent, it’s very Southern Belle.

Here the tuberose scent is less aggressive, less ‘meaty’ than in other fragrances and it also has an air of sweetness that makes it feel a little more younger, almost jaunty. For the price Velvet Tuberose is a really lovely scent and it’s even better when paired with this
matching body lotion; which adds to the creaminess and assists with the staying power which can be a little lacking at times. This is a perfect choice for those looking to venture into the ‘white floral’ category or as a ‘summertime’ option for those who love white florals but find them overwhelming in the heat.

Sadly, I fear that Velvet Tuberose may have been scratched from the BBW lineup however there still seems to be a few floating around online. I picked mine up on Ebay a few months back for scarcely more than $10 a bottle (plus shipping.)


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