Bath & Body Works Handibac and Pocketbac Review

Hello everyone!

As I mentioned from my previous post, I love santizers, and I can’t leave without one or two. I also want to have a Hand Lotion with antibacterial stuff. And, I’m glad that I’ve found one on Ebay. 

1 handibac

A smart product from Bath & Body Works, Handibac Moisturizing hand lotion. I can’t vouch for the germ killing power but the fact that it moisturizes with “no greasy feel” and sanitizes the hand without drying them out while it leaves a nice yummy fresh apple scent, instead of super strong alcohol smell, It’s perfect for me! The price is unbeatable for a travel size quality BBW handibac lotion Php 130 for 59 ml.

2 pocketbac

Again, I love sanitizers. I always want to have one on my purse. And, I was so intrigued by the idea of having a 1ounce pocket sized bottles of hand sanitizer- to hang with your keys or bags with some cute, funky and sassy designs. I just don’t like the strong smell of the sanitizer that I’ve got though I love the design.. The smell changes into something that I can’t describe that I’m not particularly fond of. With so many different scents and lovely designs to choose from, I know I can find one that will suit more to my liking.

And Yes, I am bound to re-purchase another of these little adorable yet affordable treats. 

Do you own a B&BW shand sanitizers or lotions?
 How do you find them? What scent do you prefer?

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