Basics Tips for Facial Skin Care

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Whatever your skin type – normal, dry or oily, you need a regular routine to help give your complexion a fresh, healthy glow. Follow a daily programme of proper cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, and treat your skin to weekly or monthly facials.

Facial Cleaners.

Everyone should clean their face at least once daily (twice if necessary) with warm water and a cleanser specific to your skin type. Soaps are generally too harsh to use on facial skin, they strip away natural, moisture, retaining oils and causing dryness. Gentle ingredients, such as herbs, milk, yogurt, and vegetable glycerin clean skin without drying.
Astringents And Toners.

Use astringents and toners after face cleaning to help restore a healthy PH balance to the skin. Astringents work best for skin that tends to be oily or blemishes, they remove excess oil and temporarily tighten enlarged pores. Natural astringents include witch hazel, peppermint, yarrow, and sage. Toners are gentler and rely on soothing ingredients such as rose water, aloe, chamomile and lavender.


Moisturize your skin immediately after applying toner, while your face is still damp. Water helps to keep your skin plum and moist. Chose a natural moisturizer appropriate for your skin type. Dry skin responds well to moisturizers such as cocoa butter, which contain rich plant oils. Oily skin benefits more from lighter moisturizers such as aloe. Adding vitamin E and grapefruit-seed extract to your homemade remedies helps to prevent bacterial growth.

Skin-Refining Scrubs And Exfoliants.

Facial exfoliants remove accumulated dead cells, that make skin look flaky or dull. The simplest are made from finely ground grains and nuts, such as oatmeal, cornmeal, almonds and walnuts. Use a gentle facial scrub daily for oily or normal skin. Enzyme exfoliants rely on papain, a protein-dissolving enzyme that comes from papayas. Leave them on the skin for up to 15 minutes, then rinse them off with warm water. Use enzyme exfoliants once or twice a week no matter what skin type you are.

Skin-Refining Scrubs And Exfoliants

Facial Saunas.

Deep-cleansing facial saunas bring a healthy glow to the complexion. Warm steam opens pores, washes away impurities, and hydrates skin. Herbs and essential oils increase the cleansing benefits. To keep skin in top condition, use a facial sauna twice a month or weekly if you have oily or blemished skin.

Facial Saunas

Facial Masks.

In as little as 15 minutes, a facial mask tightens pores, stimulates circulation, or deep-moisturizes the skin. Use clay-based masks for cleansing and tightening, and masks rich in natural plant oils for moisturizing. Herbs and essential oils provide a variety of skin nourishing benefits. Treat yourself to a facial mask designed for your skin type once a week.

Facial Masks

Healing Sleep.

Dull skin and circle and bags under the eyes are telltale signs of sleep deprivation. For your skin to look it’s best, try to sleep for seven to eight hours a night.

Lavender Glow.

If you cleanse your face thoroughly before going to bed, you do not need to wash it with soap in the morning. Instead, dip a washcloth in a basin of warm water mixed with a couple of drops of lavender essential oil. Wring out the cloth and hold it to your face for a few seconds. Repeat ten times each morning and wake up to a healthy glow.

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