Barry M Nail Paint in Raspberry


Barry-M-Raspberry-Nail-PaintBarry M Nail Paint in Raspberry

After my disastrous experience with a Rimmel nail polish, I decided to go back to my roots with a nail polish brand which first got me excited about painting my nails.  My parents came down and spent the weekend with us in Manchester, and I asked my Mum to bring down any nail polish stragglers which I left at home during our move.  I had been lusting over a deep red shade for a while so I was pleased when this arrived among a full food shop and an artificial Christmas tree (Mum’s eh?).

I forgot how lovely the Barry M Nail Paint formulas were. They are so smooth to paint onto the nail and this colour isn’t streaky at all.  Drying times aren’t the best, but they are ok for when you are just sat in front of the television.

I also used the Barry M top coat which made them look super shiny. Just how perfect is this colour for the autumn?

I’m definitely going to pick up some more Nail Paints (I gave mine all away before I moved), which colours are your favourites?

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