Barry M Nail Paint Haul: My New Favourites



Barry M Nail Paint Haul  My New Favourites1

Barry M Nail Paint Haul  My New Favourites2

Barry M Nail Paint Haul  My New Favourites3

Barry M Nail Paints £2.99- £3.99 in Superdrug and Boots
A few months ago I was still deciding on a favourite nail polish brand, something inexpensive but good quality that I could build up a collection of. Once I tried Barry M’s Nail Paints I loved them straight away, most of them dry pretty quickly and last for a good few days on the nails before chipping. Here are the five most recent ones I picked up!
Bright Purple
Purple nail polish is one of my favourite colours to wear and recently I’ve had it on pretty much most of the time. With other brands I’ve tried I have needed to put at least two or three coats to get an opaque colour. With these fab Barry M ones it only takes one or maybe two coats and doesn’t look at all streaky. This is a great one for autumn and winter.
Peach Melba 
Isn’t this colour just so pretty? I brought to match my recently purchased top from New Look in the same colour. I do find that you have to put two coats on because of how light it is.
Matte White
I’m not overly fussed on the white because It’s a colour I hardly wear, but I’ve got some amazing Christmas nail art planned and this will come in really handy for my designs. Matte whites like this also make a nice base coat for glitter polishes. 
This one is my favourite colour out of the five, It has a shiny/ metallic finish and is just a pretty green in general. I’ve not been able to find many green polishes that I like so I’m really happy with this. 
Ridley Road
Great name and the colour is lovely, I think this is more of a spring and summer shade but I’m sure I’ll still get plenty of use from it. It’s from their textured range and has a gritty finish which is a bit different from your average nail polish.
What’s your favourite Barry M Nail Paint colour?