Barry M Nail Paint – Blue Moon

Sunday Nails #1 Blue Moon

I want to start a new little series on my blog where I put up a quick post every Sunday with my choice of nail polish for the week. I love reading posts like these as it motivates and inspires me to do something with my nails.

Barry M Nail Paint - Blue Moon

Barry M Nail Paint in Blue Moon

Blue Moon-Barry M Nail Paint

I’m probably the most uncreative person when it comes to nails and nail art, so I’m hoping that this will crack me out of my nutshell, so I can get a little more art-sy with the claws of mine.
This week I’m sporting one of my all time favourite nail polishes- Blue Moon by Barry M. I have also layered a glitter coat which has a blue iridescent shimmers running through and works very well with the blue base coat.
I’m aware that pastel colours are technically not ‘in’ this season, but the weather was making me feel all Spring-like thus my choice of colour.
What are your picks for this season?

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