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Bare Minerals Ready Blush The Indecent Proposal and BUXOM Big and Healthy Lip Cream in Mudslide Review

Last year I was all about the Sephora VIB Sale. I am pretty sure I bought quite a few more items last year than I did this year.
Because my makeup collection is outgrowing it’s home, I decided to just get two items this year, and they were ones that I really knew that I would love, instead of just jumping on random gift sets and products to test.
I waited quite a few days to get my Sephora VIB Coupon, so if you are still waiting, rest assured it will probably be showing up in your inbox or mailbox soon!
1 bare mineral and ultra smooth
If you are interested in seeing more about the two products I picked up, keep reading!
This year I went to the VIB sale with the intention on purchasing another BUXOM Big and Healthy Lip Cream (which I did) and a NARS blush.
BUXOM’s ‘White Russian’ has been, and probably forever will be my favorite lip gloss of all time. I can foresee myself going through quite a few of them. I wanted to try out another shade, with more of a mauve or purple base. When I went to check out the shades, there was a very vibrant fuchsia/berry, but then I saw ‘Mudslide’, a GORGEOUS mauve pink that looked right up my alley.
2 buxom lipcreme
3 lipcreme by buxom
BUXOM’s Big and Healthy Lip Creams have been such a breath of fresh air in comparison to other lip products that I’ve tried.
I am the most picky person in the world when it comes to lip products. I’ve been collecting makeup for about two years now, and I am JUST starting to get into wearing lipstick and lip gloss on a regular basis.
I really hate having to be worried about touch-ups, and so many of the colors put me out of my comfort zone.
So as you know, I have been searching for more wearable shades and ones that truly compliment my skin tone.
SWATCH – Natural Light 
4 SWATCH - Natural Light
As you can see, ‘Mudslide’ is a gorgeous mauve gloss. It will add a little more color to the lips than ‘White Russian’, and will also make a very nice wearable shade for every day.
My next item on my wish list was to take a peek at NARS blushes.
I have a couple shades already, but I was interested in looking at a crowd favorite I didn’t own, which is ‘Sin’.
When I went into Sephora and swatched the blush, it was way too shimmery for my liking. It left chunks of glitter behind on my hand even after wiping it away. With oily skin, lots of glitter is a no-no.
Because of this, my eye was caught by the new bareMinerals Ready Blushes, and I actually found one that looked a lot similar to NARS’ ‘Sin’ – minus the shimmer!
5 bare minerals inside view
The shade that I am speaking of is ‘The Indecent Proposal’.
This is a gorgeous mauve with a little bit of a plum undertone. It’s extremely flattering, and has amazing pigmentation!
This is my first bareMinerals blush, and I am thoroughly impressed with the quality. The texture is so soft and buttery, and the product transfers so well from the pan onto your skin.
Another up-side is that these blushes come with a HUGE mirror and a great quality brush, which makes it perfect for travel, and easy to do touch ups on the run if needed.
 SWATCH – Natural Light
6 swatched natural light
Overall, I am happy with my two purchases!
I am also glad that I was able to find a couple of things that I really wanted and that I will get a lot of use out of. We still have another day to use the VIB coupons, so unless something miraculously catches my eye, I think I am all set!
BEFORE I END… I need some advice!
So as I stated above, my makeup collection is kind of outgrowing it’s home (which if you’ve seen my makeup collection on my new YouTube channel, you’ll know it’s in a clear cube).
I recently purchased the Alex drawer unit from IKEA for my workout clothes and bras/undies, but I am thinking about using that for my makeup. I am debating on transferring it because I love the Alex unit for clothes, and I love my cube. I am obsessed with the acrylic, so it’s a hard choice.
I definitely don’t know what I should do. Maybe find some other storage so I can keep the cube but also have some other drawer units on my vanity to store makeup? It’s a dilemma!
What do you think I should do?
…Yes, this all could totally be resolved if I just stop purchasing makeup…