I don’t know if it’s because of Black Swan (which I still haven’t had time to see…) but the fashion world seems ballerina-obsessed lately. I decided to channel my inner ballerina by donning some tulle, sequins, and ballet flats…



The Ballerina bun was unintentional, i just threw my hair up because i got hot mid-photo shoot, but i think it works with the look, no..?
I would have loved to learn ballet! Maybe it’s not too late?


Photographers always say that natural light is best. However, living in the most densely populated country in the world, it’s pretty much impossible to go outside and take pictures without an instant audience (mostly consisting of men…) I took these pictures on my roof and even then, I wasn’t alone – there were at least five other people milling about! I took loads of pictures in the sun (see one of them below), but it was noon and the sun was so strong, so I was squinting and hot and decided to go under the shade.



Feeling hot and bothered

I realised after looking at these pictures that this was probably not the most figure-flattering outfit (well, the top is a few sizes too big and had to be pinned…) and it would have looked better with heels. However, I feltso feminine and graceful while wearing it! I could wear top-to-toe pastels all day, every day, and be completely content.



Wearing American Eagle Outfitters top (gift from Ritesh);
Arrogant Cat skirt; oneoneseven ballet flats.



I’ve also finally updated my Blogs I Love page. Let me know if I’ve forgotten you, or if you’d like to be moved to another category (I sort of winged it there!)

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