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Back to Basics

Hi everyone!
They say that foundation is the base of your makeup. I’ve found quite a few bases that I love, and some that I think I’ll pass on repurchasing. Here are some quick thoughts on what I have, and what I like and don’t like in a foundation!
the goods:
1 back to basic make up
First, it may be helpful to know what my skin is like! I have oily/combination skin and I am not a stranger to spots every once in a while. I do have some acne scarring along my chin and some on my cheeks, but it’s nothing major.
2 Stila One Step Makeup & nutrogena
Stila One Step Makeup in 02 Light: First of all, I think this foundation was discontinued so I won’t go too in depth about this one. This is more of a winter foundation for me 1) shade-wise 2) formula. This is definitely a medium-full coverage foundation, which I’m not a fan of for everyday. Sometimes I apply this and it looks amazing, and sometimes it is a streaky/cakey hot mess. I haven’t really figured out what makes it look good/bad yet, but I probably won’t use this for a few months anyways.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin Liquid Makeup in Nude 40: This is a tie for my favorite foundation with the next one. I love how versatile this foundation is – I can go really sheer or up to medium coverage with this foundation. I find that if I use a primer underneath, this lasts all day, and I don’t need to powder. However, if I don’t use the primer, I need to set with something, otherwise I’m a grease ball. This has a natural finish, which makes it great for everyday wear.

3 Clinique Redness Solutions
Clinique Redness Solutions: Like I said for the Neutrogena, this is tied for my favorite foundation. This is more of a medium coverage foundation, so I don’t really wear it everyday. However, this covers up the redness in my cheeks and around my nose like nothing else. I love how this foundation blends into my skin and covers up my redness and acne scarring perfectly. With this foundation, I barely need any concealer – it covers that well!
4 Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Bisque
Bare Minerals Matte in Medium Beige: I used to be Bare-Minerals-obsessed. I’ve gone through I don’t even know how many tubs of this stuff. I still like it as a mineral foundation, but as a whole I don’t like powered foundations as much as I used to. Ever since I tried liquid foundations about a year ago, I haven’t been able to look at this the same! What I use this for now is a setting powder to get some more coverage out of a tinted moisturizer, or to set my Neutrogena Healthy Skin. I find that as a foundation, it doesn’t last nearly as long or cover as well as my liquid ones (which is to be expected). After a few hours, it looks like I’m not wearing any foundation at all – and not in a good way. This doesn’t do the greatest job of covering up my redness or my acne scarring. I don’t exactly dislike this product, I just like liquid foundations 10x more.

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer in Bisque: This is the newest addition of my collection, and so far, I’m quite enjoying it! It provides the same coverage as if I used my Neutrogena lightly. It is enough to cover up my imperfections, while still letting my natural skin texture and color shine through! I think, for an every day foundation, that is my ideal finish. I like to look slightly better, but I don’t want to wear a mask everyday! I do use a primer and powder with this, and I find that it lasts all day no problem. I’m so glad I got the oil-free version though. This provides my skin with a slightly dewy finish, and I can’t imagine what the original version would do! This is a perfect every day base that I can definitely see myself getting a ton of use during the summer!

What foundations do you like?