b.seen I’m Wrinkle Insulator review

b.seen I’m Wrinkle Insulator review :
b.seen I’m Wrinkle Insulator –¬†This is a very gentle eye gel/serum. It’s texture is sort of a hybrid between the both so I’m not sure which one to call it. Lol It’s a Gelum! I used this morning and night for several months and definitely noticed a difference in puffiness each morning (takes it away immediately/within minutes) and fine lines diminishing. This is especially great for those really tough mornings where you wake up and didn’t realize you had packed your bags! ūüėČ I recommend keeping it in the fridge for that very reason because the coolness of the product will check those bags with no service fees STAT! Hahaha Ok, ok, no more bad puns. While this won’t erase your fine lines completely, continued use will give you really good results. And save your mornings!b.seen-Im-Wrinkle-Insulator-review

My biggest complaint is about the packaging – while the ingredients are listed, there are no usage instructions. If you want to know how to use this product, you have to go to the website and look it up. That’s not thinking about the customer and I highly suggest Cellnique rethink this if they ever do a repackage on this.b.seen-Im-Wrinkle-Insulator

I haven’t experienced any¬†itch, rashes or irritation. It also gets absorbed, really quickly, leaving eyes completely free of oily residues. I really like this thing about it because I do not need to worry about my eye cream making my under eyes appear oily.¬†Overall, I feel its a good quality eye cream, that makes your eyes appear brighter.
How cute is that packaging, though?!b.seen-Im-Wrinkle-Insulator-reviews
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