B. Liv Spots Got Shot Review

B. Liv Spots Got Shot Review :
b.liv Spots Got Shot – This is supposed to “speed up the normal cell healing process”, yet if you go to the Cellnique website, EVERY review says “be patient, it takes a while to work…” (1 – 2 weeks!) That doesn’t sound like it works to me! It means it doesn’t work and your acne cleared up on it’s own and with regular face washing. O.oB.-Liv-Spots-Got-Shot-Review

Well, suffice it to say, this did not work for me either. This has an earthy smell (some of you might not like it) which I didn’t mind at all, it absorbed into the skin really well and didn’t leave a weird or heavy film on my skin. I put this on really small blemishes, small reddish blemishes and zits that were more pronounced. After using only this product to treat my acne for several days, my blemishes didn’t get any better. There was no visibile result, especially in the redness, after two days. Even after three days. This product is supposed to speed up the cell healing process. I should’ve seen a change in as little as at least two days because even with an OTC benzoyl peroxide acne treatment, my pimples would’ve dried up within that time frame (even after one day I would’ve seen a difference).B.-Liv-Spots-Got-Shot

This product actually clogged my skin. When I went to see my astetician at the end of the summer, she was surprised at how clogged up my pores were. The only thing I changed was switching to this product from what I usually use which is her prescribed BPO (benzoyl peroxide). I would not recommend this product.B.-Liv-Spots-Got-Shot-reviews

B. Liv Spots Got Shot ┬áis the only product that had an ingredients list and usage instructions printed on the box.This tiny tube came in that massive box! It seemed a bit overkill and in this day and age, it’s not very eco-friendly.B.-Liv-Spots-Got-Shot-test


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