b collection by Bloom Magic Wand Makeup Remover Review

Hi pretties here is my b collection by Bloom Magic Wand Makeup Remover Review!

b collection’s Magic Wand Makeup Remover is the perfect tool for precision makeup removal. The fine tip removes stubborn makeup without disturbing your look.

Did you think I was reviewing a whiteboard marker? Welk, sort of. But instead of allowing me to explain the Anger Iceberg to a sullen teenager, b collection‘s Magic Wand Makeup Remover ($14.95 AUD) allows me to erase my eye makeup mistakes, which are continual and varied. In case you were wondering, the Magic Wand Makeup Remover is part of Australian cosmetic brand Bloom Cosmetics newly-launched diffusion line, b collection, available exclusively at Target Australia (I’ve never really thought about it before, but the term ‘diffusion line’ is such a strange euphemism.)



I (worryingly, in retrospect) often have one of those moments where I’m all, LOOK AT ME, I’M SO CUTE, and then I go to the bathroom, look in the mirror, and recoil in horror at my eye makeup melting down my face like the polar ice caps. Yes, it’s PERFECTLY REASONABLE to compare my smudged eye makeup to an actual environmental disaster. Anyway, the Magic Wand Makeup Remover is pretty good in that scenario. It’s basically just like a marker, but instead of ink there is liquid makeup remover. You just use the marker to ‘draw’ over any makeup you want to remove, the makeup dissolves, and what is left on your face you can just wipe away with a finger or a cotton bud, if you’re all fancy.

Now I’m no scientist, but I do understand that if I use the Magic Wand Makeup Remover to remove my eye makeup, in all likelihood there will be some eye makeup left of the marker tip. I guess you could just put the cap on and worry about it next time, but I was standing in my bathroom, so I rubbed a cotton bud over the marker tip, but horrid little wisps of cotton wool stuck to the marker tip. I was like, EUGH. I picked off the little wisps and wiped the marker tip on a cotton pad, which was much less traumatic. I haven’t had any issues with the marker drying up, but I can imagine it’d be important to keep the lid firmly on when not in use.

To close, I quite enjoy this drawing, illustrating the use of the Magic Wand Makeup Remover. EYE-GOUGE TIME:


Note: This product was provided for consideration is accordance with the Disclosure Policy.

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