Avon Glazewear lipstick in peach silk

Here is my review of Avon Glazewear lipstick in peach silk !



After seeing these gorgeous lipsticks over on Fleur’s website i knew i had to get my hands on one. I spent a mad half hour panic texting everyone asking them if they had an avon book. I was all set to order this online, but at a measly cost of £3.50 in the sale i didnt want to pay the full £3.50 delivery too.

The product itself comes in a gorgeous “gold” tube, making it look elegant and sophisticated.
Something you would be proud to apply in public, the tube is much bigger than i expected along with the amount of product you get.
The lipstick itself is a gorgeous peachy/coral colour with a great buildable colour. The texture is soft and moisutrising, it feels like you are actually applying lipbalm rather than a lipstick. It is rather sheer to start with and the swatch above is rather heavily swatched, but once you don’t mind been fairly heavy handed when applying the product the colour comes out divine.

The colour is perfect for an everyday look and i have been wearing this often and with great staying power, i feel a little does really go a long away. The only down side is because i dont have a local representive that i know of, i have to order online for any future purchases and i sort of wish i got some more of these.
Avon has definately built a good reputation for itself in the last few years and i am proud to own their products.

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