Ava luxe – Venezia perfume review

Ava luxe – Venezia perfume review

It never ceases to amaze me that the cheap and cheerful items from my wardrobe always get the most complements, yet the Alannah Hill skirts that I’ve spent a small fortune on go unnoticed? In particular I have one necklace (a chunky tangle of gold, silver and pearl beads) which I bought for a mere $3 from a factory outlet gets endless attention whenever I wear it. I’m not annoyed by this at all, only fascinated by this funny, yet extremely frequent, occurrence.

I have a few perfumes that seem to follow this pattern. They appear to be widely unnoticed online, cost less than a main meal at an average restaurant and yet they seem to incite the most praise from the passer by. While I certainly don’t wear perfume in order to gain compliments (in fact, the opinions of others contributes nothing to my decision making process when it comes to perfume) it can be an interesting exercise in the appeal of a scent from an ‘unbiased’ nose, i.e. from someone who likely doesn’t know what perfume it is that you’re wearing.


Ava Luxe Venezia is one of those perfumes. There are minimal reviews of this scent online, I rarely see it mentioned on perfume forums or blogs and yet it is easily one of my most complimented perfume. I was actually prompted to review this review when I spritzed it on this morning and received a groggy ‘hmmm you smell so good’ from the boy, who was in a state of almost sleep. Now, a compliment on a perfume from my fiancé (when he’s not directly been asked to give feedback) is a rare thing. Rarer still is a positive compliment, as he seems to strongly dislike few of the perfumes I love (Sonoma Scent Studio Vintage rose being a prime example of this) and the rest are generally unnoticed.

Venezia, however, seems to be a winner! From my own perspective; I love it. I ordered it blind from the Ava Luxe website after lusting over the notes (particular the osmanthus, rose, jasmine and carnation heart) and when it arrived I was absolutely thrilled. In fact, I am continually surprised at just how much I adore it each and every time I wear it.

Venezia opens with a sweet, juicy blackcurrant note and hint of peach. It’s definitely fruity at this early stage, however Serene (the creator of Ava Luxe) manages to keep this perfume from veering into the teeny-bopper fruity zone, there’s no candied fruit here! Accompanying the blackberries and peach is the subtlest pinch of spice and pepper, just enough to make the opening interesting without detracting from the cheerful opening.

After the fruity opening, Venezia warms on the skin to ultimately morph into a sweet, woody floral. The heart and base notes seem to arrive in unison with the mix of peppery carnation, sweet rose and sandalwood mingling above warm amber-vanilla base. The blackberry note seems to linger for some time, providing a touch of sweetness to this warm mix.

Deeper into the development, Venezia slowly looses it’s florals until there’s nothing left except a cosy mix of vanilla and woods with a light touch of musk. While the notes here are not wildly unique, I find Venezia to be unlike any of the other perfumes I own. Perhaps it’s the blackberry note?

I’m still surprised by the lack of attention that Venezia gets online and I hope that enough people are buying Venezia so Serena continues to produce it! I’ll happily buy bottle after bottle of Venezia.

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